Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Christ-Tee on a Cracker!

Second episode of the second half of season four "Dance Moms" - Christ-Tee Watch!

Evangelical Christian Christ-Tee was on a roll tonight. She repeated insulted Dance Dad Mark?Mack?Mike?, father of the kid that was the male half of Maddie's duo this week. The Pope Pompous The First, Christ-Tee, said that he was 'charming' and that being charming was the same thing as being a deceitful liar. Then she spouted Bible verses. Plus she immediately tattled to Abby with great exaggeration what the other moms said in the viewing booth. False witness much?

Lots of hate and scorn came bubbling out of those over-stuffed lips but the capper in her UnChrist-Like Christ-Tee behavior was when she clearly took pleasure in the fact that Maddie and her male escort came in second place during the judging of their duo. Yes, a grown woman claiming loudly over and over what a great Christian she is rejoiced that another kid didn't win. She doesn't want Dance Dad or his offspring on the regular competition team. She mistakenly thinks because Abby allowed her daughter to dance with the regulars that means her daughter is going to be a team member.

Next week the previews are making it seem like Christ-Tee calls Abby 'trash'. The question is will Abby tolerate it like she tolerated the fist fight/screaming/hair pulling battle Christ-Tee had with another mom on last week's show?

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