Friday, August 01, 2014

Fifty (Sits in the) Shades

We're still out of town. Right now we're staying with my husband's best friend and his family, Jerry and Mary, in their beautiful rental house in rural/suburban Michigan. It's a stones throw from the GM Proving Grounds. I keep trying to twist Jim's arm into going and peeking over the fence but nothing doting.

Most of what we've been up to yesterday and today is sitting out in the sunshine and under the shaded porch reading. I'm on the last book of "Game of Thrones", it's the one of the series I've never read and Jim is reading his brand new pile of Fantasy Football magazines.

What we're not reading is that series of books in the news yet again, "Fifty Shades of Grey". I've only seen bits and pieces of the books and quite frankly, I'm bored with them. Bad belabored writing liberally laced with fan fiction porn hasn't interested me in many years. I'm glad someone finally made some money from fan fiction at least. This just isn't my kind of book.

And it's not because the book deals with sex. I have written and read erotica in the past and have no problem with other people's sexuality. Look, I'm reading the "Game of Thrones" series, which, like the medieval times, is chockablock full of rape and sex. It fits with the action and flow of the story, it's not there just for sex's sake like "Fifty Shades"

Not because all that sex is 'Not Christian' Sex and sexuality is a part of every life, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, whatever, and really each person's own business. It's a normal part of life and the most fun you can have without giggling or having to buy accessories, though you can buy accessories if you like.

Some of the Christian writers online have been losing their minds over the idea that everyone is reading "Fifty Shades" and may be going to see the upcoming movie. But none of their objections mentions the real reason to not read or see the movie, that it's pure dreck, poorly done lady porn. If you plan on reading lady porn at least pick something well written, interesting, different, not this silly wish-fulfillment written by Ms. James.

Again, porn is one of those things each person has to decide for themselves where they line up. I find that religious people tend to be more likely to engage in porn, if the statistics on which states and areas order the most porn are correct.Utah, very straight-laced Mormon Utah, tops the 2009 list but a recent survey by Pornhub shows some differences

Now I read that some crazy Christian crackpot indie film that is a Christian counterculture response to "Fifty Shades" is opening the exact same day. It's clean, it's religious and seems to have about as much in common with "Fifty Shades" as marshmallow fluff does with mayonnaise. It's called 'Old Fashioned'

I suspect it's going to suck and suck hard. Most Christian films I've seen are just sheerly awful, embarrassing, substandard, banal and trite. It's likely to be as awful as the film it's seeking to divert attention and customers from.

 Those Christian pundits have it all wrong. Dreck is dreck and we don't need to be celebrating what is substandard or banal. It's not the sex, it's the awful.

Evangelical Christians want to impact the culture, bring moral standards back and change their worlds? I think the first step has to be better entertainment, not this mushy, gooey, mindless, preachy pap that they produce. Step up to the plate and deliver a movie that doesn't have a heavy handed message, but something more subtle, that you can't look away from. It's time.

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