Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It's been a full couple of weeks, I've been busy with going into the city every day with Jim to go to a retirement class followed by my friend Joe Sands coming to town. We met up for Mexican food and Air & Space museum. To quote 'Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennett,  I dearly love to laugh and Joe seems to be on a similar humor wave as I. We talked and talked and laughed. He's such a cutey too in his own way.

The thing about the retirement class is that I learned we have put aside enough money for retirement now. Jim will be retiring within about a year. I also learned that Jim has a death wish/thrill seeker side that involves waiting to go to the train at the very last second and flat out RUNNING!

Good, because I'd foolishly listened to the media and their tales that no one has near enough retirement in our baby boomer generation. But I've noticed I'm not the only really gullible person out there this week. A not-so-funny satire site announced that the Duggar family show was being cancelled and before you could shout, 'Sin in the camp!' Duggar fans were busy believing it.

Sort of reminds me of the time that one of my high school pals posted a photo of a McDonald's meal with photos of a scowling Michelle Obama on the wrappers as fact. I had to point out to him that the photos were straight out of The Onion, a funnier parody/satire site. He was relieved.

If I was Michelle Obama I'd scowl a lot too. Imagine being constantly under the scrutiny of the media and the Republicans? She's a better woman than me, I'd hide in my White House bedroom.

Back to being fooled. I've fallen for a number of dumb things over the years, like that time in high school when a date told me he was taking me to the submarine races out at the LSU lakes. When we arrived I jumped out of his car, raced to the edge of the lake and asked where the submarines are.

Several years ago people tried to warn me that one of NLQ's writers, Ruth, was a fake and I chose to ignore some of the more obvious signs and gullibly believe she was who she said she was. Turned out I was very wrong.

It was with some hesitation, because of the outcry over Razing Ruth, that I set up a fundraiser last night for Vyckie Garrison.People like Razing Ruth give everyone that tries to raise money a bad name. I'd like to see her prosecuted at some point for the money she's gotten by false pretenses from others.  But this time I know I'm not being hornswoggled or lied to. Vyckie is about to lose her house because of credit card debt. We've been discussing her situation for about a month now and I felt it was time to try and help her avoid filing for bankruptcy or losing her home to foreclosure.

The thing that made me hesitate is that I knew the ladies of Free Jinger message board would jump all over the fact that Vyckie was in need. Vyckie has history with FJ, and sure enough, they're already discussing the fundraiser for Vyckie. Good for them. I hope at least a few will consider donating towards the total.

I may be gullible, I may be pig headed and sometimes really really wrong on issues but I know I want nothing more than to help out a friend.

A pile of questions has arrived in my email box about the fundraiser and I'm going to answer them on the fundraising site. Let me just say that every penny raised will go to Vyckie and her debts. I get nothing out of this beyond the headache and carpal tunnel syndrome I was dicing with last night trying to get the fundraiser up on the site. No, Vyckie will not be riding around on a gold plated llama or using the money to do anything foolish, it's strictly to save her home.

I hope people give. I hope there are some non-cynical people out there that love Vyckie enough to donate.

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