Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All I Got For Christmas So Far is a Black Eye

Yeah, seriously, I have a black eye. I was playing rough with Laura's dog last night and she pushed me down before jumping on my head and walking on my cheek, temple and eye socket. She weighs something like 80 pounds. Today I have a pounding headache, black eye and assorted bruises and scrapes. Guess I'll think twice before teasing her with a squeaky toy again.

That encounter is a pretty good analogy for the past five days or so. Right after I finished praising Jim for his do-gooder-ness he started trying to argue with me about money. Money! Which was particularly stupid because we have biggest figure sitting in our checking account right now. A scary big figure that should be invested. Jim wanted to pay off the remaining two years of house payments owed so we could own our house outright, but our banker (and myself) pointed out to him that we'd not be getting any real break considering our house note is all principle right now.

So he was upset by the plumber's bill, which I thought the bill was way less than I expected, and the last Costco bill, which was Christmas presents for everyone and a new computer for me.

The problem with Jim is that he is sort of like Dustin Hoffman's character in 'Rain Man', he gets an idea and heaven forfend anyone try to disabuse him of that notion. It's like arguing with a brick wall, or a robot.

So by the time we had the unfriendly money discussion it was nearly 3 am before we got to bed. I could not turn off and sleep so I got only a couple of hours of sleep.

The next day things got weirder. He came home from the gym talking about this guy he met at the gym who is the office manager of one of the new Mennonite-owned construction companies. Jim immediately wanted to do as this guy suggested, put up 150K to build a house that would be valued at 300K and rent it out.

Pie in the sky obsessional dreams of riches because the houses in that 300K and above value range are not renting well. You can stroll through the neighborhood behind my house with huge houses like that and many of the rentals have been empty for at least six months to a year.

Which led to another set of angry discussions. I burst out crying because I could not get him to understand that I would be much more willing to consider this if we were putting 50K or 100K small houses on property to rent out. Those would rent. Or even an apartment building or duplex, not some huge honking place.

The more I questioned Jim about the builder the more came out about his not being able to finance any projects himself because of his crappy credit. The guy doesn't have the proverbial pot to piss in or the window to throw it out of yet expects Jim to put up the dough for these buildings. The builder is renting a room from someone here in town, yet we're supposed to trust him.

Also, I am fairly certain that what he is proposing is likely in violation with his contract with the construction company he's currently working for.

Sunday night I slept very few hours because I could not shut my mind off from the discussions and Jim wanting to trust what looks and smells like a con man to me.

Come Monday Jim sent out long ranty emails to our kids advising each of them to start thinking about buying a house, perhaps getting this guy to build them. Both kids contacted me, wanting to know if Dad was going off the deep end again. Had to tell them I just didn't know. I still could not sleep, could not turn off the mind.

Yesterday I went with Laura up to see her eldest sister and my granddaughters. Yeah, the family that's had all the problems. I got to witness things that I wish I could unsee! Sort of like the Weird Al song "With My Own Eyes". The truly weirdest point came while I was in a small room with the adults, who were smoking up the ganja while the subject of conversation was the sexiness of dwarf Tryion Lannister from "Game of Thrones"

I did enjoy seeing my eldest granddaughter, the girl who's cat I am fostering.

While all this was ongoing Jim kept calling me, requesting I check out getting our passports renewed, what shots we need for Central America, pricing out plane tickets, millions of tiny requests that I definitely did not have time for at that moment. The breaking point came when Jim called me to tell me he wanted to invite his new friend, the broke construction office manager, over for Christmas dinner. By that point I had had enough! Plus that contact high with the family dope smokers had warn off and I let him have it. I'd been telling him for week I was not cooking a traditional Christmas meal at all. I have a roast and some veggies, but no turkey or ham, no large amounts of anything. Plus the last three or four days have left me feeling most inhospitable. Plus tonight we're hosting family Christmas followed by dinner out. Its just not happening.

Then the dog stomped my head, the pain kept me from sleeping much last night. Today I had lots of shooting pain in the opposite temple to go with my black eyes.

I thought I was going to have a stress free easy day today, bake a few cookies, prepare for the family shin dig by doing a little picking up and vacumning. Not so, this morning was an insane goat rodeo and I was thrown into  by getting up this morning to a huge, rolling, conniption fit various people I know are throwing on Facebook over something NLQ-related that I had nothing to do with. This was topped with a misunderstanding about something said during work with a higher up. I am itching to say something even worse back, but I'm not.

The trouble is now that I'm super triggered, my PTSD is in full high setting. I am shaking this afternoon and want nothing more than to go hide in my bedroom. Instead I'm having a rum and coke and about to watch a "Game of Thrones" marathon and try not to laugh at the Imp's sex scenes, which will remind me too much of yesterday's boozy smoky afternoon discussion.

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