Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Pre Christmas With This Crank

Finally dawned on me after all the anti-Christmas ranting I did and the fact that I kept snapping at Jim all weekend followed by purging my Facebook list of people making very conservative borderline fundy comments or psychoanalyzing people they don't know, I'm having another bout of withdrawal symptoms. According to my doctor at Johns Hopkins some folks who have been on certain SSRI drugs for long stretches of time, or are sensitive to different drugs can take a year, a FREAKING YEAR!?!?!? to stop experiencing all the withdrawal symptoms.

Started withdrawal in March and here we are in December. I hope this means I'm close to the end. It happens in waves, I can go a month and de nada and then suddenly I'm freaking annoyed with everyone and everything on the planet! It's like life is too much of a sensory overload for me.

After I ranted here about the early arrival of the full on Christmas season I went outside and hung up the Christmas lights. Go figure. One of my friends laughed at that and told me I was the funniest bunch of contradiction he'd seen in a while. Heh.

Sunday night Jim was so over the top about his fantasy football team that he could not sleep, he kept tossing and turning, waking me up with the bed motion and to ask me to do various errands this week. He didn't sleep, which meant I didn't sleep. Which meant Monday morning I was dragging with raw nerves.

How raw, I hear you ask? So raw that ....work stuff snipped out

When I left I went to the gym and worked out hard on the very newest just out of the box reclining elliptical. It was the best thing I've used at the gym in eons. With my bad back and knees I use what I have always called 'The Old Lady Machine', an old reclining elliptical that it was impossible for me to ever break a sweat on. This new machine allowed me to run so hard and fast that I got in one intense workout including sweating like a lumberjack. It felt so gooooooooooood to be able to push myself that intensely and not reinjure my back and knees! So good I'm going back tomorrow.

And a little bit of watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and my 'Bah Humbug' was broken. I have finished up the few little things I needed to complete my holiday shopping and dressed the cats in elf costumes so I could take a few happy happy snaps.

**snipped** Let's just say if you're going to shit at the office around your fellow coworkers you should at least try to use something like Glade or Poo Pouri (which does work well!). Color me officially grossed out.

Going at the office. Always a problem.

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