Friday, December 05, 2014

Sensory Overload

I am currently hiding in my office, lurking out of the way of the gang of plumbers that currently have the master bath and laundry room in a state of destruction. Getting a hot water heater replaced, a toilet and tub replacement and a leaking pipe fixed.

It's not that I don't like the guys, I do, I know them socially. But one of those crazy side effects I get from drug withdrawal is sensory overload. They have been banging and clanking up a storm and it's making me jumpy and tense. I cannot wait for them to finish and leave! Plus they've turned off all the water and there's not a lot of my Friday house cleaning that can be done without water, everything is picked up and swept. I just need them to go so I can mop and scrub toilets/sinks.

One thing life has taught me is that I just don't cope well with sensory overload for more than a few minutes.

Which is another reason why I think I need to take a long church sabbatical. I had sensory overload last night in worship team rehearsal. It doesn't help that for the last three weeks I've been tasked with playing the bass.

I play the bass. I play guitar. I play keyboards. I sing. But I haven't play much in the way of instrumentation up on the platform in more than a few years, so three weeks ago when a bass was slapped into my hand at the last second I was scrambling. Luckily for me muscle memory took over and started playing the bass more than my mind did.

But my hands hurt like fuck right now. My blisters have blisters now before the overwhelming flood of sound came through the PA system and amps to fry the brain. I quit the band, yet again, last night. I'm too old, too sick and too amped up on withdrawal symptoms.

But on an amusing note NLQ was contacted with a copyright claim over a widely circulated and used photo of several Duggar family members. The Duggar family attorney is demanding we not use any photograph with images of the Duggars on them. That's okay, I have my photos I took of the Duggars with my own camera from this spring's Duggar book signing and I'm contemplating some caricatures of the whole Duggar family for use on NLQ. Badly drawn over the top caricatures. Let someone else have some crazy sensory overload. Fuck the Duggars, NLQ must be starting to on their radar.

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