Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sexual Predators of All Stripes

I've been watching the news about Bill Cosby and his apparent habit of forcing beautiful women in his entertainment circles to have sex with him. I'm not surprised, it's been whispered about for years that he hasn't been faithful to his wife Camille. I am not even shocked at his rapist tendencies combined with his obvious disdain for sexual consent. Camille's statement denying what he's likely done is was particularly disgusting, but I get it, she has turned a blind eye to reality for all these years to keep her husband at her side.

What does puzzle me is her insistence in linking her husband's troubles with the ongoing Rolling Stone magazine confloption over a possible rape situation at the nearby University of Virginia. They aren't much related, no more than brussel sprouts and corn are related. They're both vegetables but aren't even prepared the same way most of the time, taste very different and have different growing seasons. Both scandals involve forced sex, rape, but in very different ways.

The local papers here in the Virginia Piedmont are minimizing the possible rape at UVA, but I'd expect that. UVA is practically a religion here. All Hail The Cavaliers!!

Last night one of my friends on social media, one of my church going friends, shared a link to a supposedly very Christian low-level entertainer/celebrity. He urged everyone to support this guy's projects because the celeb was SUCH a good Christian. Unfortunately I know otherwise. He's not quite as bad as Bill Cosby, but if he had been more famous I don't doubt at all he would have gone where Cosby went.

I'm not posting this guy's name here because the last thing I want is his ass here.

So how do I know this guy is a predator? Easy. Back in the late 1990s I first started doing online work after taking a number of classes on coding and web design. I was so busy with church websites and other websites that I quit working for the national social workers licensing agency I'd been employed by for years. I quit to do websites full time.

Through a friend of a friend of a friend I ended up doing a series of websites for some of the smaller indie film companies. I really enjoyed the creative aspects of this work and the perk of occasionally going to film festivals like Toronto and some of the other East Coast ones made it all the more enjoyable. Sometimes I took one or more of my kids with me, which is where my son Andy's desire to make indie films was born. Even if he's now working in the computer industry, film is his first love and he does his own films and some freelance work. I like to think I planted that seed by exposing him to the art house film community all those years ago.

One of the guys running a production company I'd done some work for asked me to do him a favor, help the unknown actor lead of his film by doing some web work for the actor at rock bottom prices. I agreed. I'd seen the film at one of the festivals and thought the guy was talented. Was contacted by the actor shortly there after and we agreed that I'd start a Yahoo Clubs site for him, do a pile of screen caps of his various commercials and projects with an eye towards doing a possible website.

I'm going to call his man King Creep. At that time he was being pitched also as the clean decent Christian entertainer and the person that asked me to help King Creep knew I was pretty far into the whole koolaid drinking Evangelical Christian community and lifestyle, figuring I'd likely do KC more good than someone that wasn't a Christian.

This was in the ancient days before social media, in fact Yahoo Clubs was about the closest thing to social media at the time. How ancient? So ancient that all those screen caps I did were from a VHS highlights reel.

Everything was set up and I rarely had much of anything to do with the Yahoo Club besides monitor it every few weeks. KC got a pilot followed by a 13 episode order for a sitcom. And gained a huge bump of new fans. Then the emails started.

The first one I blew off as a crackpot. It was from a father who was claiming that his 16 year old daughter had joined the Yahoo Club and had King Creep start private messaging her, highly inappropriate messages begging for sexual favors. King Creep also included some rude nude photographs. The problem was that no one could conclusively prove it was KC because his face was in none of the photographs. I decided this was some troublemaker and there was no real proof it was KC behind the photos and solicitations for cyber sex. Besides, he was a good Christian entertainer and engaged to be married! He would never do that.

But by the time I'd been contacted by something like 15 different people all claiming that King Creep had hit on them through private message and sent nude photos and sexual come ons I realized something was going on. Where there's enough smoke something is ablaze. I immediately made up a fake Yahoo profile using a photo of myself at the beach, cropped so that it only showed me from waist to shoulders with my long black hair and swimsuited breasts showing. A very modest suit that only hinted at cleavage. My daughter Margaret did something similar and we both joined the KC Yahoo club.

It didn't take long, KC showed up and private messaged both of us begging for cyber sex or phone sex and sending out nude photos that I was able to finally match to him, to a birth mark on the back of his elbow. King Creep was using the Yahoo Club for trolling for women to cyber sex with. We gave him Margaret's work number one afternoon and she told him she would have cyber sex with him. We both sat there, watching the caller id unit light up with the id of "Paramount Studios" and a Los Angeles area phone number before the call went to voice mail and we hear King Creep talk about wanting to get together for sex.

Shortly after I confronted him about all of this, asking how he could possibly market himself as a good guy and act like that with his female fans. He denied everything even as I had the nude photos, chat logs from many of the girls he approached, the voice mail and other things. He kept denying it, saying someone was setting him up. I had to tell him that day that I could no longer help him in any way. I took down the Yahoo Club and walked away.

Shortly after his sitcom was cancelled and he'd pop up on shows like "Law and Order" or the rare Comedy Central show. I wrote about what happened in great detail, much more detail that this, in my old Diaryland blog, even posting censured versions of the nudes. Over the course of a few months I started getting emails and blog comments from women who'd worked with King Creep, all with tales of being sexually harassed by him. One of the ladies had been a production assistant on Comedy Central's "The Man Show" and been treated with way more respect and no sexual harassment on that show compared to her days on King Creep's sitcom.

The bottom line. He was a sexual predator sixteen years ago and he's likely still preying on women in his path. He's still using the Good Christian Man mask too. A lesser version of Bill Cosby, but I think that has more to do with his smaller measure of fame than anything else.

My point? Don't be taken in by smiling masks and good Godly labels. You never know what is actually lurking behind that mask.

I still keep an eye on King Creep and yes, I still have all those chat logs, photos and other evidence on a flash drive. You never know when you might need it.

I hope that Bill Cosby is sued by all those women. I hope they win and I hope it sends a message to the King Creeps in the industry that preying on the women you work with will cost you more than it's worth.

And Good Christians (tm) wonder why I'm having such a hard time believing in the goodness of religion or even God. Sometimes I look at the cross and all I see is a man suffering horribly at the hands of an abusive father.

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