Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shouting and Pointing and Coughing

This morning was taken up with getting rescue kitty Dora her booster shots after last months main vaccinations. That and going to the bank to sign more papers in my recent disagreement with McDonalds.

I got to the bank and had the head teller tell me I looked like death warmed over. Just what you want to hear when you're sick. Ugh.

A couple of weeks ago I was running too late to make breakfast on my way out the door to class. I drove through the McDonalds drive thru. There was no one in line. It was actually deserted for once. I pulled up to the first speaker box at our two speaker box McDonalds.. and waited... and waited.. and waited.. until someone pulled up behind me to the second speaker box, which came on and they took the second car's order then mine. Okay, fine, this only seems to happen when I'm already in a time crunch.

Pulling up to the payment window with my debit card in my hand the older lady working there opened the window and plucked the card out of my hand without a word before handed me the card back and a receipt. I looked at the receipt and realized that she'd charged me for the lady behind me instead of my order. I pointed it out. She shut the window and went to consult a manager, came back and told me that they were just going to give me my order for the amount they charged me for her order. I had underpaid by like twenty cents.

This isn't the first time this has happened at this drive thru, but it hasn't happened in a couple of years, so I told her no, reverse the charge on my card and charge me the correct amount. I've worked retail a few times, I know on most systems you just have to hit 'refund' on the card machine, and rerun the card. She refused, got a manager, who told me she didn't know how to reverse it. So they gave me the cash they'd charged me for the other ladies order and reran my card for the correct amount.

By the time this snafu was over I was 15 minutes late for class and people behind me were honking and shouting.

Got home and guess what! I have many multiple charges on my bank around for the same amount! Not just the initial charge they gave me cash for or the correct total. They charged my card eight more times in total for the same amount. Small amounts, but really, it's the principle of the thing. Eight times four bucks twenty cents is not going to overdraw my bank account, but I know for some of their customers it would. They should be charging the correct amount only.

I call up McDonalds, try to speak to the manager and get told yet again that I should have just shut up and taken my meal at the discounted price, manager says my card was not repeatedly charged.

I go down to McDonalds, speak to a different manager, who is not sympathetic, tells me to take it up with my bank, because these aren't charges, but 'holds'. They don't appear as holds or pending on my checking account. I email McDonalds corporate to complain a few days later and still no response at all. So I am disputing the charges now. Pain. In. My Ass... but I will never use my debit card at McDonalds again without asking what the total is. Multiple, multiple charges just because I wanted a large coffee and egg white McMuffin. Ugh.

So when I called to order Christmas flowers for my mother as my last official purchase of the Christmas season I was anticipating some aggravation. My mother told me when I was visiting her in her small south Louisiana town that the florist I always use there and know well from my years working Big National Florist had been bought out by the biggest florist group in the area, who I also knew well and hated. Why? Because I had many conversations with them like the one below.

Me: Greetings, it's Suzanne calling from Big National Floral Service and I need to know if you can take an order out for us tomorrow to EZ Killem Off Funeral Home. $100 total, mixed arrangement or appropriate sympathy plant.
Asshole Floral Group: *dead silence for 5 seconds, crickets chirping before snotty voice answers* We DO NOT take your company's order. STOP calling us!

They were listed in our network yet they always acted like inconvenienced assholes whenever I called to get an order delivered, even if I offered a big delivery premium to get the order delivered. They were the only ones in a large area that acted like that.

Plus when my father died the funeral home director advised me not to order the casket spray from this company because they over charged and had 'bad attitude'. I believe it now.

I got the owner when I called, and it was a name I'd dealt with. I kind of let him have it, told him I was unsure about using him since everyone else in his asshole floral group behaved badly towards me when I was working at the national floral service. We had a long conversation, he and I. Once I finally established his bonafides, who all we knew in common and that he hadn't worked at the offices I had the troubles with I relaxed. Had a, 'say how's your cousin Joe in Hammond doing?' sort of a conversation.

Ordered the flowers and candy I always get Mom, she loves flowers. I'm waiting to see what they send. That will be where the rubber meets the road and I'll know just how good this guy really is.

One of the things I've started really being strict on is doing business with others. I don't mind paying for services done right the first time and for consistent performance, be it florist or plumber.

Speaking of flowers, Jim brought home a beautiful bouquet for me, roses, carnations, calla lilies and spray roses, some greenery and baby's breath. He must have been reading my mind because I'd just been thinking how much I needed some fresh flowers this week.

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