Monday, December 15, 2014

The Flu Round 2

This has not been a great year for me in regards to the flu. First, my last pulmonologist talked me into waiting until mid-October to get my flu shot, meaning I picked up the flu strain that hit our town in early September, right after I usually get my flu shot. Not that the shot prevents every strain.

Yes, the flu shot makers have to guess something like more than a year in advance as to what strains are likely any given year and sometimes they guess wrong. This year it looks like they may have really dropped the ball.

On Saturday afternoon I could not get warm, even wearing wool socks with my furry leather slippers with the wood stove in the bedroom running full out crazy high while I shivered beneath a pile of quilts so high it looked like I was hiding under a huge fabric crazy meringue. Told Jim that this wasn't a good sign, usually when I start having trouble controlling the hot/cold signals in my body I'm coming down with something. And come down I did. This morning.

Sitting in class trying desperately to focus on the lesson at hand while feeling my head pounding with the thumping bass line coming through the walls from the Korean nail salon next door. Yep, me and my sensory overload getting kicked into gear by noise and flu. After about ninety minutes I started to feel faint and like I might just hurl that delicious spinach feta wrap and latte from Starbucks I'd inhaled earlier. The fact that I followed Starbucks coffee with 7-11 java didn't help any. I left as soon as I realized it was a useless task for me to try and follow anything being said.

Got home and took my temp only to find it was over a hundred. I cannot focus, barely got NLQ updated before having to lay down. Wrote a piece for NLQ but I'm sure it makes no sense at all.

Most of today was spent laying on the sofa watching "Veronica Mars" reruns on Pivot channel while drinking ginger ale and pausing for the occasional Oscillococcium. This time it's not helping. I cannot even read for more than a few minutes without making my headache worse. Better help by tomorrow as I still have way too much to do.

Sort of reminds me of the year when I was 12. Both of my parents and myself came down with the flu a day or so before Christmas. This was the year that my father bought my mother and I each a big five pound box of Elmer's Mastercraft chocolates, the good stuff. Chocoholic me couldn't even look at the box because it turned my stomach and it made me so dizzy to think about eating chocolates. We unwrapped presents that holiday and then all went back to bed for the day.

Talked to Laura early and while she doesn't have the flu she's been fighting some sort of nasty upper respiratory crud, even had to leave work early today. Different times of crud going around right now. Flu epidemic here in my town that is another one not vaccinated for in this year's shot, so bad that the schools have about half the kids out sick. In Laura's town/university it's not the flu, but this lung/head cold. We need a good deep snow to kill off the viruses.

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