Monday, January 05, 2015

Carlessness and the Resolution Body Count

Laura has my car this week and part of last week. I didn't realize not having a car was going to make me feel antsy, but it does. Something about knowing I just cannot walk out and go anywhere I want to go has me feeling riled up. Which, I guess, explains why and how I ended up breaking a few of my New Years resolutions already.

What resolutions have I broken?

  • I drank a few diet cokes - Alright, so I think the medical community has established that diet soda is not good for you. Which is a problem for me because I love, love, love the stuff, but only Diet Coke. The other varieties? Not so much. This isn't the first time I've given up the delicious brown stuff, I've quit in the past for months, for a year, but always find myself going back to the bubbly. Never had a problem before, this time I did. After about 36 hours of no products containing Nutrasweet in my body I started having that woozy-boozy dizzy feeling of withdrawal. Apparently my brain and body are somehow very addicted to Diet Coke. So I'm tapering off slowly. 
  • I indulged in some petty sarcasm on my husband when he proclaimed on Facebook that he was both perfect and humble about his perfection. It was too difficult to allow that to pass without a funny crack on him.
  • I was extremely unkind. To be fair, I was in Wal Mart, in a non-express line because I had 21 items not the required 20 and I was making myself stick to the rules and wait in line like every other Josie-Schmoe. While I'm waiting, having waited about twenty minutes in this line, some young gal comes up behind me with a six pack of beer and asks to cut in front of me since she has only one item. I said no, and pointed to the two express lines with only one person with two or three items. She looked at me like I'd just kicked her puppy before biting off it's head. Wal Mart always tends to make me a whole lot meaner and makes me want to tell total strangers to do things like pull up their pants or get out of my way. 
  • More unkindness. I posted on Sarah Palin's Facebook that she was an irresponsible parent for not paying close enough attention to her special needs child to keep him from standing on the family dog. I know she's an idiot, and she's going to keep on posting inflammatory idiocy, but that doesn't mean I really need to respond to her. 
Going to push the 'restart' button and try again. Cooking red beans and rice and doing laundry today. I can't get into too much trouble if I just stay home and prepare for the predicted snow, can I?

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