Sunday, February 08, 2015

Life, Death, Racism in a Small Town

Turns out that the death of the young boy down the street is even more tragic than I knew. The mother of the house fatally shot her 13 year old son and once the police arrived she killed herself with the same gun. The neighbors across the street saw the whole thing take place from their upstairs bedroom windows.

At least the two gun shots and two people being taken from the home makes some sort of weird sense, but... I cannot wrap my mind around a mother killing their own child like that. Yes, I know it happens, that mothers kill children every day, but usually not by using a deadly weapon like that.

How do you get to the point where you aim a deadly weapon at your child and the only option in your mind is to pull the trigger and kill them? It must be a place of the worst desolation and pain imaginable to do such a thing, a place without hope.

Mothers get pushed to the edge every day, yes, and sometimes they even snap and make a horrible momentary decision like shaking a baby or drowning or suffocating their children. They can snap and take out their rage and pain on an innocent child by beating them ala Michael Pearl. A momentary impulse. Some control it and walk away and some don't. I'd like to think that 99.99% of mothers realize they are on the verge of doing something most terrible and walk away.

Having a stockpile of weapons like this family did makes that walking away even harder to accomplish. Things meant only for violence, death and destruction sends a terrible message to everyone in the household that violence is a way to get things resolved.

I don't understand it, even in my worst moments with Margaret's adolescent angst it never once crossed my mind that death was any sort of answer. She put us through hell in her teen years and her young adult years as she went from drug to drug, horrible guy to horrible guy and I got very used to long tearful prayer sessions up in my bedroom pleading with the Almighty to turn her from her self-harming behaviors. Physically hurting her to make her stop never entered into the equation.

Curiously there's still be nothing about the shooting in our local or regional news at all. The last time something tragic like this happened, last spring, when an African-American man shot and killed his children and wife, it was all over the news here for many days. This situation, involving a white middle class family has caused not one peep except among the gossiping town folks and the pious gossipers on various church prayer lists. Which is why I think church prayer lists suck, because they give the ones in the church that gossip a never ending supply of fodder to chew over. If the media would merely release the news it would deflate some of the horrible gossip going on. I'm not a fan of secrecy and law enforcement.

I got a couple of things wrong the other day when I posted about this. The....

.....and as I'm writing this post I heard from a friend at the local funeral home. Kid was shot by his older brother. There is no second body, no one was taken to the hospital. None of this is going to be released to the media. The people that said they saw it all have to be lying. The mother just pulled up in front of the house obviously alive without any injuries. This is exactly the way gossip works in a small town.

Makes sense that none of this is in the news now because the shooter and the victim are both under legal age.

Gossip sucks. Racism sucks and guns where kids have access really sucks. Shutting up now.

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