Monday, February 02, 2015

Play That Sucky Music White Boy!

Yesterday I avoided the whole Super Bowl by going up to Fairfax with Laura to shop.

I hate football now. Jim's years of Fantasy Football have disgusted me, turning me against football before the things that have come out about the sport, such as the veterans of the NFL having terrible health problems and long term brain injuries. The personal behavior of some of the players seems to make the idea of the NFL being the "National Felons League" sound too true.

My problem with Jim and Fantasy Football is how much of his time it eats up. We've had circumstances like family celebrations that he has ditched after a few minutes just to check up on his fantasy team. He loses all sense of time, allows it to eat into everything he does. I lose him to hours upon hours on his computer. Plus this year in the church league there were fights, insults and much nastiness occurring between the guys. It's tedious. I'd been asking him to clean the gutters since September and Jim finally did last Saturday because there was no fantasy football to obsess over and ignore his obligations.

Back to yesterday. Laura and I started out at one of the most pretentious places I've seen in ages, Whole Foods, or, as it will evermore be referred to by me, Asswhole Foods. For years I used to go to the Whole Foods in C'ville and loved it, but it isn't much like the one in Fairfax.

I like the idea of non-GMO foods, clean eating, etc, but I didn't like this place. There was a live band playing in the store, piping the very average music sung out in a very whiny male voice every which way and the joint was just chockablock filled with people that looked like they take themselves oh so seriously. Hipster heaven. I will say it was a fascinating place to people watch as we had lunch at their salad bar/restaurant area. So very twee and pretentious. I've seen people at Wal Mart on Black Friday behave with better manners and less entitlement than I witnessed there.

And from Asswhole Foods to BJ's Club, entirely different vibe and much more relaxed. Some art supplies buying, veggies and tapioca pearls from H-Mart, G-Street fabrics for buttons and a new foot for my Bernina and other stores. We got Laura some dress slacks for work and I ended up a pile of sweaters from one of the better dept. stores in the area.

While we were shopping Laura told me a story about having to rush the dog to the vet because the dog had accidentally ingested some of their weed stash, the whole uncomfortable, embarrassing, having to admit to the vet that they smoke pot. She's afraid now that the vet will turn them in to the local police dept and is starting to think that perhaps being a pothead isn't such an awesome thing. Funny how we abandon those illegal habits when you think you might be in danger of arrest. Told her I'd be more worried about animal control coming into the house than the police.

Live and learn.

Got home mere minutes after Jim left for a Super Bowl party that I'd already told him about a dozen times I had no intention of going to. Peace evening, just me and HBO. Let him spent the evening with hypocrites beating their gums about Jesus, scarfing down pants busting piles of food and watching a sport that is way too celebrated in America.

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