Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shoes, Headaches and Freezing My Butt Off

We had our semi annual shoe fight yesterday. When Jim works from home these things tend to happen. It didn't help that I received a box of shoes in the mail.

I have insanely high arches on my feet, the arches of a dancer. Not that I dance much any longer. The problem with high arches is that you can get as you age problems with your arches. Used to be I could run around barefoot or in shoes with no arch support. I cannot do that now and the custom made orthopedics I have from the podiatrist are like walking on concrete, high arched concrete but concrete just the same.

So in my quest to have shoes that support my arches I've run through a gamut of shoes, mostly European and expensive, so I know to Jim it looks like excess. Like I'm Imelda Marcos on steroids when actually I have precisely two pairs that do not hurt my feet, a pair of sandals and a very worn pair of clogs.

Jim's the kind of guy that owns a pair of sandals, a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sneakers. Three pairs that will cover any occasion. He doesn't get it that for a woman three pairs doesn't cover everything.

Guess what I am doing today? If you guessed getting a huge pile of barely worn shoes to donate to Goodwill you'd guess correctly. One of my friends says I should Ebay them. Don't know if I want the hassle.

By mid morning yesterday it was apparent that my ongoing sinus infection was merely damped down, not completely banished, so it was off to my family doctor. I also have developed the worst headache in my temples that's been getting worse over the last week, ever since I fell and was hit by a car in the Target parking lot.

After getting another round of antibiotics and various drugs for side effects and headache I was sent to the ER to be evaluated for the headache. My doctor wanted me to get a head CT scan asap.

In the middle of the day, mid afternoon, you'd think the ER might not be as busy. Sadly enough it was so busy I was stuck on a gurney in the hallway less than five feet from the ambulance bay door, which is motion activated. One of the coldest days of the year and I was wearing my two pairs of leggings, two sweaters, two pairs of socks, fur lined shoes, coat, gloves and winter scarf in the ER.

But I didn't have it the worse, in fact probably shouldn't even be complaining about the freezer atmosphere of the ER hallway. Someone else was brought into the meat locker temps by the door to wait for a room in the ER, one of the prisoners from the local jail. It was in the minuses because of the wind chill and the local sheriff's dept. transported this poor guy wearing what looked like paper thin orange jail jumpsuit with a jean jacket on top. Not adequate for the weather at all and nowhere near warm enough for the hallway next to the door.

Okay, I know, I get it, he did something wrong and has been convicted of a crime. He's a criminal, but even prisoners should be provided with certain basic things, like weather appropriate clothing.

Turns out that my massive headache was sinus related, not car smacking badness or brain injury. Never have I been so relieved to get a simple explanation for a pain making my life miserable. But I got a lecture from both doctors I saw and the ER nurse about using a squeeze bottle and salt rinse in my sinuses from now on. I'd been using the compressed product Simply Saline for a long time now, but they're insisting it's not as good.

So.. along with my prescriptions for migraine like headaches, antibiotics, future yeast infection from the antibiotic and supplements I picked up a squeeze bottle. The neti pot and squeeze bottle situation makes me just a wee bit nervous because of the whole thing in Louisiana were several people ended up with parasites in their brains from using tap water in their neti pots. I'm using bottled distilled water.

Started using it last night and it's the strangest thing. What pops out of your nose and sinuses looks like something from a freaking horror movie! The greens, the goop, the bloody bits. I hope it works because it's grossing me out and making me gag.

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Karen said...

I totally understand the shoe thing. I have flat feet -- really, REALLY flat feet -- and have found ONE shoe manufacturer who makes a line of shoes I can live in. They run about $100 a pair, and I'm not thrilled with the way they look, but my feet love them. They are clogs, and come in cloth uppers for summer and leather for winter. My husband wears a particular style of Birkenstocks in brown leather. Period. He's been wearing them since I bought his first pair as a wedding present in 1980. When they wear out he replaces them with an exact copy. The notion that I want shoes in different colors and different warmths for various times of the year is utterly baffling to him.