Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Swimming In Hot Water Again

As you recall last week I was still dealing with gossiping neighbors over a neighborhood kid's suicide was called everything else in the book and my own upset over finding out that my step brother was in jail. It only went downhill from there. It's been quite the week or so.

Last Wednesday I was trying to return something to Target, something that ended up in my bag that I didn't buy, and I got out of my car, took a couple of big steps, right into a hole in the pavement and did a header right into the blacktop. Face plant. I never was very good at walking without tripping on my own two feet.

Ten minutes later as I came out of the same store with two ladies behind me and a young woman behind them I had another fall. The young woman started running like her life depended on it, passing the women behind me and myself, running out to her car. Just as I was almost past her car and the two behind me were almost to the car she threw it into gear, hitting me, knocking me to the pavement just to the right of the car. When I popped up, started banging on her car and yelling that she'd hit me just as the other ladies rushed up to tell her she'd hit me the driver threw her car into drive and pulled through, going right over the curb and tiny median garden to get away from us.

I discovered something. Our neighborhood Target does not have cameras in the parking lot, just at the door of the building and right in front of the building. Not in the parking air.

I was mostly okay, more shook up than anything else. But I was frightened because I had groin and hip pain after being smacked to the pavement by the car. Even though I had a complete physical on Monday and a clean bill of health on everything but my asthma and infected sinuses it was back to the clinic. Bruises and bumps only. No broken bones. Expensive week medically between the physical and the xrays. Whew.

Filed a police report but it happened so fast that none of us got more than a vague description of the driver and car. No video of the parking lot so I'm out of luck seeing this young woman prosecuted clocking me with her car and almost hitting the other two.

The next day I had to drive kitty Dora back up to my bipolar relative's home. She's allowed to return after three months and it had been exactly three months.

I took my bff Joanie with me because bipolar relative loves to try and smoke pot around me, try to show me photos of her exploits in swinging, open marriage and the many photos of the different men she dominates. She has hundreds upon hundreds of photos of the most unattractive men in diapers, dressed like babies, wearing tutus and some bondage related things.

Keep threatening to gross out bipolar relative with tales of my sex life if she doesn't shut  up, because I really do not want to hear all the nasty details of her life with various men. It just squicks me out too much, it's not appropriate topic of conversation between us as members of the same family. I was hoping that by bringing uber Evangelical Christian Joanie with me that it would derail most of the filthy details.

When we were out at a restaurant having lunch, just the three of us, Joanie, Bipolar Relative and I, B.R. kept trying to turn the conversation to her sex life, making rather irrational claims and shouting out in the restaurant that her kids had been telling their in home therapist that they hear B.R. and her husband having noisy sex every night. It was awkward and a very uncomfortable moment. On the ride back Joanie asked me why on earth Bipolar Relative was having loud sex with kids in the house. She was genuinely puzzled by this.

I was and I wasn't. It was pretty clear to me, really for the first time, just how deeply disturbed this relative is. She's far more mentally ill than I thought. She spent most of the time we were with her on various subjects, leaping from one to the other at high speed, almost manic. She's on a ton of medication and on twice weekly therapy sessions, so I'm not really sure what more can be done for her.

Jim's been home since Friday and it's been a rather a tense week in the house. He applied for and was interviewed for a job many rungs above where he is now, and it looks like he's not going to get it. Jim was counting on it. The retirement plan was if he didn't get the job he'd retire this December, but if he got it he'd stay on three more years to get the last three highest pay years towards retirement. He's been in a foul mood since it became obvious they weren't going to promote him to this position.

Which has thrown him into making and changing retirement plans every single day, sometimes several times a day. I hate that. Make a plan. Stick with it. But stop driving me nuts with endless discussions and changing vectors. I'm too stressed out from everything else to tolerate it right now.

We did have a nice Valentine's Day with candy, balloons and going out to eat followed by some movie watching. We watched 'Gone Girl', a rather weird one for Valentine's Day, I admit, but I was curious to see what Jim thought of the screwed up relationship between the two main characters.

And then we've been together a day or so longer than anticipated, and I freely admit, it works on my nerves badly. I'm something of a loner, I treasure some essential alone time each day, I need it to feel balanced and normal. But the weather has been insanely cold plus yesterday it snowed, meaning we're bumping up against each other inside. I finally got over that and got over my own stupid self this afternoon.

When the weather is like it has been the last three days, which is very rare to have temps here that close to zero, the pipe to our hot water tank being the closest to the crawlspace vent freezes solid. So during the last three days we've had no hot water.

I don't know how pioneers coped with no running hot water and the long winter without modern conveniences if I cannot cope with a few days of no hot water.

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