Thursday, February 26, 2015

Up Yours Life Insurance Companies, Ignored Messages & George Takei

This last weekend was sort of stressful as I was still feeling the pressure of the semi-annual Shoe Fight and Jim was also in a mood over that. But by Sunday things felt like normal again, except with the heavy snow we got the night before church was cancelled and we were stuck here together for the weekend. Much napping and television watching ensued.

I know some of when Jim and I disagree is our continuing adjustment from fundamentalism. Some of it is still hang over and triggering from the old stuff. Knowing that doesn't help as much as you'd think it might.

Monday I left in the late afternoon to drive up to Laura's university to meet her. For Valentine's Day she'd bought tickets for us to see Star Trek's George Takei speak in one of the small auditoriums on campus. I was careful to have dinner prepared and sitting out with a note telling Jim where I'd gone and that it was likely I'd spend the night at Laura and Andy's house.

Laura and I had a great time, went out to dinner before going to hear Mr. Takei, Uncle George, speak on his life, from his childhood in an internment camp at Tule Lake, California during World War II through his struggles with his sexuality. It was an entertaining and uplifting evening. Towards the end  he took questions from the audience. Laura and I both laughed uproariously as we watched various people just totally and completely freak and geek out talking to Uncle George, which is why I didn't raise my hand to ask a question because I knew I would have done exactly the same thing and started babbling nonsensically.

The only problem I had was with the weather. It was 8 degrees before the wind chill factor as we were leaving and it triggered my asthma, something not that unusual in super low or super high temperatures. Since I had not packed my nebulizer or meds I decided to drive the hour back home to Culpecker and Jim. I got home around midnight, Jim was in the bed, sat upright and started yelling at me about my thoughtlessness.

Turned out he'd tried to text me during the event and I didn't reply. I explained to him that we were all ordered to turn off our cellphones and I did. Plus going straight from the auditorium to drive home I didn't turn it back on. I've gotten most old lady like and will not talk on the cell while I'm driving. Jim was completely infuriated by the fact that he couldn't get a hold of me and we had some very angry discussions before coming to agreement on the matter of cells, messaging and contact. He apparently had decided I was dead out there somewhere on the road because I wasn't answering. Hee.. I've come to that conclusion with him a  few times. While I still don't think I did anything wrong by not answering my text messages we both agreed to do a better job at keeping each other informed as to where we were. Turns out the post it on the dinner fell off and ended up under the table and he had not remembered that I was going out to see George Takei, so he didn't have a clue where I was.

But then the real irritation started. I updated my resume on one of the job sites I've used in the past and gotten some decent freelance jobs in the past. Apparently the idiots at every insurance HR dept are now trolling that site, pulling off as many email addresses and phone numbers as possible before making your voice mail box and email box explode with crap begging you to go to work for them selling insurance.

Once I realized what they were doing I went back onto the site, erased my phone number and set it so that the only emails I could receive would be through the job site's own message service and put in bold caps on the bottom of my CV that I had zero interest in ever selling any type or insurance and not to contact me with those offers.

Should have stopped it? Right? Nope, I just got more offers, which drove me into super ranty mode, which meant when my phone rang or I got another email touting the benefits of selling insurance I would reply by asking the person if they were reading comprehension challenged or just merely a moron. How could they have possibly missed the large bolded caps telling them not to contact me?  Most fun I've had in a long while!

I'm too old and too mean to tolerate incompetent boobs pestering me over something I would never do.

Today, more snow, but I don't care. The HVAC guy finally showed up and now the furnace is blowing out more heat than ever before. I'm staying in and quilting today. Woe be it to anyone from Banks Insurance, Progressive, Mutual of Omaha, Travelers, Liberty, AFLAC, Geico, or any other insurance company if they contact me today. I'm still loaded for idiot bear.

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