Saturday, April 11, 2015


First day of Vacation to Costa Rica

We got kind of a late start. Why? Well, Jim didn't start packing a thing until about thirty minutes after we said we would hit the road. Then it was a slow slog of about an hour of him shuttling between his suitcase and his lap top looking at Facebook. We finally left close to ten am, two hours late. I had been packed and organized for days. FOR DAYS!

Men and women sometimes have vastly different ideas of time and how to do things. Me? I'm rushing around two weeks in advance trying to figure out which pair of pink shoes best matches which outfit and wondering how many clothes weighs forty pounds and obsessively weighing my suitcase.

It was a mostly uneventful drive down I-95, with the exception of a few people that mistakenly thought they were part of the stunt drivers for those Fast and Furious movies. I'm no slouch at speeding on the interstate, but these folks in North Carolina blew past my old lady mobile like I was standing still. And I was SPEEDING, LOL... not enough obviously.

One bad steak from a chain restaurant where everything felt sticky and gross and we landed here in St. George, SC for the night. Hotel room is okay, nice enough, but not happy with the rest of the hotel. Starting to realize what a pampered spoiled girl I am. Pool closed and the entire exterior could use a scrubbing and painting. Guess it's good that the place doesn't seem to have bedbugs, just the slowest internet in the history of hotels. Plus we walked in on a mob of angry customers bitching about things wrong with their rooms.

Simply grateful this is nothing like the last time I stayed in South Carolina, when Jim and I went down to Tom Hauser's old church The Vineyard for 'Deliverance Ministry” We should have run, run as fast as the guys in the movie 'Deliverance' should have run from the guys that cornholed poor Ned Beatty's character that time. It's sort of soured me on the entire state.

I've written about our deliverance ministry for No Longer Quivering in the past, it was a Thanskgiving weekend where we were separated by two different ministry teams and prayed for, lead through repentance prayers. What was so completely absurdist about that weekend was the notes the prayer teams had written of things that they said the Lord had told them about Jim and I. They said Jim loved fishing and all things 'Star Wars' and that both of us were having affairs.

Nope, no affairs ever and you could not pay Jim to ever see a “Star Wars” movie or go fishing. He dislikes both. There were other pronouncements from that weekend, like saying that Jim had a demon of rage within him and would kill me one day if it were not mastered. Of course, this is from the same group of people that tried to say I was having an affair with someone named 'Walt' The only Walt I knew of at that time was Walt Whitman, now Walt Whitman and Walter White neither of them, very obviously I would ever have an affair with.

The last time I Googled Without Probable Cause (Thank you for that stupid term L. Anne Carrington – known plagiarist and porn writer) Tom Hauser and his church they'd changed the church name and turned the name of the ministry from 'Deliverance Ministry' to 'Prayer Ministry' but the page explaining about this prayer thing read exactly like the old deliverance thing they did. Makes me wonder if they got sued and had to change up the names of everything.

Still sort of skeeved out being in the same state as those folks. Nope, we're neither one of us having affairs, killing each other in rage, watching Star Wars, banging Walt or fishing....but there is always hope for tomorrow. Who knows what will happen.

Tomorrow we'll be completing the short drive to Daytona Beach and an afternoon with the author of “13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession” M Dolon Hickmon and family. I'm looking forward to it!

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Karen said...

I really hope the rest of your trip is wonderful! You've had a difficult time lately, and you need a good vacation.