Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Clothes, Makeup, Shade, Interviews and Interviews Past

Yesterday was rather strange. Started out strange and stayed that way. Maybe it's just me that is strange. I don't do well when I have to spend long stretches pretending to be normal, like today. It is emotionally draining to be 'on' for such a long stretch, but three part time positions in my field that I would kill for came open and all set up interviews with me on the same day.

I had three job interviews and I woke up to the assumption that I was fully prepared. Went to the closet to get dressed, pulled out the dress slacks, suitcoat and my lucky interview shirt only to find a rip in the pants and the shirt had a big stain. Made a lightning fast trip to Kohls to pick up another dress shirt and slacks, not what I wanted to do first thing in the morning.

Since I've stopped working outside of the home I'd gotten rid of my Corporate Wear. No suits, one pair of dress slacks, one dressy shirt and the rest comfortable old hippie wear, flowing tunics, leggings, clogs, the odd dress or two but nothing that would be remotely suitable for a professional type job or an interview.

These are all positions I might just be able to handle with asthma. I was scrambling to get to all three.

It also feels odd to be wearing makeup again. Makeup and normal clothing. Ugh.

Got to the first interview and it went well, they are sending me for a physical and a drug test in a few days. The second one I got there only to be told I should have been called and told that the manager decided that morning to promote for that slot from within. No interview.

The third one was some ways away and I got there with bare minutes to spare. Of the three positions it was the one I wanted the most, an editing and fact checking position dealing with the scholarly publications of a certain university. I could not read the interviewer as to how the interview went, but I was told that I didn't have the educational background they were looking for. I didn't react to that statement but I wanted to ask why they'd brought me in the first place.

I'm just grateful nothing went as poorly as a job interview I went on ten years ago. I did the same things, got dressed, made up, made sure my grooming of my hair and eyebrows was immaculate and left. As I got out of my parked car I tripped, breaking the heel on one of my shoes, ripped my pantyhose, ended up with a cut oozing blood on my forehead that dripped onto my white dress blouse before I could get it to stop. I still went into the interview, even in that shape, and didn't get the job.

As always when asked why I left the big medical clinic in the next town over after the years I worked there I got to tell my story of while working there how out of control my asthma suddenly got. How on my last day there someone used canned air within five feet of me and I'm extremely allergic to the propellant, ending up in the bushes outside the office throwing up and having possibly the worst asthma attack yet. My co-workers loaded me into a wheelchair and pushed my silly self across the parking lot to the ER. I spent about four hours in the ER being treated until I was stable enough to go home. On the way home I had another attack and ended up in the ER of the hospital here in my town. The hospital admitted me overnight and the day after that I returned to work only to be fired because the doctor that owned and ran the clinic decided I had to be faking, that no one could possibly be that allergic to a chemical spray. I filed for unemployment, they fought me and the state ruled that my firing was unjustified and violated my ADA rights.

It's always fun to see the shocked looks on peoples faces when I explain why I left that job. The doctor is pretty prominent in this area and now he's been stripped of his license to practice or prescribe any sorts of drugs because he started running an oxycodone pill mill after I left.

The only downside of the day was that I wasn't feeling my most physically attractive due to the new girl at the salon the day before waxing my eyebrows into a very thin pencil like line. I hated it immediately, I like my strong natural brows and the regular esthetician knows to only clean up the stray hairs. I told this lady the same thing and she removed 90% of my brows.

So there I was, way too thin brows, business suit, done hair and lots of MAC Viva Le Glam makeup stopping by the Mennonite store on the way home to pick up a few things and I got to experience something I haven't in a long, long time - the Mennonite ladies working there that are usually friendly to my usual makeupless and casually dressed self treating me with grumpy disdain. I'm sure my sudden switcheroo appearance wasn't pleasing to them. Too bad.

One of the things I've noticed in the most restrictive religions that it's always the women that harshly judge you and let you know they are judging you, based upon your hair, your makeup and wardrobe. Which is very silly because it's all external. I wasn't any happier to be wearing all that stuff. It's a hassle.

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