Monday, April 27, 2015

Coughing, Honking and No Talking

We're back in the big Culpecker, but we'd done nothing more than unpack our bags. We returned last Wednesday night after a hard two day drive up from the Fort Lauderdale airport.

The first thing we did on Thursday morn was drive straight to the local doc in the box. Jim's cold has morphed into bronchitis and mine (because of my lung problems) had already turned into walking pneumonia according to the chest xray.

So since Thursday there's been piles of pills, lots of swilling of various liquids and rest. Lots of television and horizontal attitudes.

Plus I completely lost my voice for the last six days, quite horrific for a talker like me. I've been silenced.

But I think that the meds are finally kicking in and I'm going to be trying to clean the house and just catch up on all the things I've let slide since Wednesday.

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