Saturday, April 04, 2015

Don of Thrones or Yes, Please Send Me More Magazines!

I seem to have picked up some sort of silly stalker. By their actions I have to think it's some Quiverfull woman who hates NLQ, everything it stands for and me for being the admin. Likely I might have banned this person at some point for something less than graceful behavior. It's always the most religious that come onto NLQ and use the dirtiest words. Some folks get caught out and banned before their comments are ever seen by anyone.

But what's interesting about this person is their means of revenge or payback, which is no payback at all. It's the same sort of juvy stuff people pull in middle school. They signed me up for a pile of the most boring magazines.

Seriously? That's your response?

Not to me personally, but to my address with a fake name that Googles to no one. When I've received the bill confirming this fake person's subscription I've merely called up the magazine, told them I didn't order it and tell them it might behoove them to check the IP number and/or phone number these requests are coming in from because it's not mine.

But the funniest part of all of this is when I got the first issue of TV Guide in the mail last week I was somewhat confused, never looking to see what name it was coming to, thinking my husband likely ordered it and being thrilled because there was a huge cover story on my favorite television show "Mad Men". This week's issue has my other favorite, "Game of Thrones" as the cover show.


Here's a list of magazines you can accidentally on purpose sign up this fake name at my home address for:

  • Vanity Fair - Great political articles, lots of photos of the latest overpriced fashion and exposes of crime and the mega wealthy.
  • Mad Magazine - I love a deep belly laugh and Mad has been providing that for years now.
  • Bitch Magazine - This magazine has a lot of in depth pieces on feminist issues and popular culture.
  • Fons & Porter Quilting - Intricate patterns, gorgeous photos and all the latest must haves in quilting. I've gifted this magazine out a few times to friends. They love it.
  • Mother Jones - A different take on the issues facing America.
  • Interweave's Crochet Magazine - It is always filled with yarn reviews and patterns.
  • Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine - All around arts and artists, a fascinating read.
  • Gourmet - I like to cook
  • Fiber Arts Magazine - Again, I need to use my enormous fabric stash
  • The New Yorker Magazine - Smart talk, funny cartoons and interesting subjects.
  • Private Eye - From across the Pond in merry Ole England another humor magazine
We already get:
  •  The Nation
  • Birds & Blooms (gift from a friend)
  • Living Without - food allergies cooking magazine
  • Various newspapers
I love getting magazines!

But seriously you won't stop me. Even if you signed me up for those dreadful British tabloids with the topless girls on page three or porno magazines. I'm going to keep on keeping on, updating NLQ, showing the Patriarchal Christian Movement for the scared, cowardly, weak, damaging system that warps people that it is. 


Bruce Gerencser said...

I love magazines so this would be great....except they all would be sending an invoice in a few weeks,

I wonder if these people understand or care what their petty, childish behavior says about them and their religion?

If they think these kind of sophomoric behaviors are going to stop people like us from exposing and critiquing Christian fundamentalism they are sadly mistaken.

Keep the faith, sister. :)

Brian said...

Ha! The clone-drone team of true believers strikes again! But you know, a copyright true Christian NEVER does stuff like this! And the patriarchy is only being obedient to their Saviour! And the women who buy into the franchise can only get to Sargeant-status so what are they to do but go after other women who are clearly so out-of-control?
As for Game of Thrones, I just finished the third Season second last episode, the marriage banquet where it all goes south! My eyes just went wide and the room suddenly lacked air to breathe.... holy smoke!

Calulu said...

Brian, you've got to read the books to be prepared for things like the Red Wedding!! But the producers of GoT's says that they are veering from the books this upcoming season so I'm not sure what would happen. Did you know that the Red Wedding actually happened in Scotland many years ago? One clan invited a rival clan over and slit everyone's throats in the courtyard. One way to deal with enemies I suppose