Friday, April 17, 2015

Iguana Style

Yesterday morning I was awoken around 5 am by the sounds of monkeys, hoots and chattering breaking the otherworldly silence. I got up and still in my nightgown climbed all 88 of those stairs to the top of the resort to try and catch a glimpse of the howler monkey group. No monkey sighting.

Later I heard that this one particular pack of howler monkeys lives in a large tree right next to the building we're sleeping in. What a wild alarm clock.

Poor Jim is coming down with a cold so we took it easy yesterday, wandering down to the hotel's beachside restaurant for a breakfast of rice, beans, eggs and tropical fruit before heading to the beach. Jim sat in a chair and read. I walked a mile or so out to the large rock outcropping and took more photos before going for a long swim in the Pacific.

When I got back to Jim he was talking to a native Tico (what Costa Ricans call themselves) who had the most beautiful handmade pottery. I ended up buying a candle shade to give to Laura and an unusually shaped blue vase with iguanas carved into it for us.

Because Jim was feeling miserable we followed the beach with a short dip in the pool. The same large iguana was there. Apparently the pool deck and the surrounding trees is his territory.

Jim wasn't able to stay out in the sun too long as he's burning even with limited exposure and sunscreen, plus the cold was kicking his ass so we spent a long time in the room, from about mid morning to early afternoon. Jim slept, I read.

Because he still felt bad we didn't do what we'd planned, we never made it to the big wildlife park, instead we went back to Quepos again, talking to someone at the local bank because we'd been told that the interest rate on certificates of deposit were 7 percent here. They are. You're lucky if you get one percent in America right now because the Feds have kept the rate artificially low.

Jim wanted to visit and talk to some furniture store owners to see if he might be able to import furniture to the area. This whole furniture import business idea of his 'friend' is starting to be a bone of contention between us. The night before, just when I was extremely relaxed, his friend Mark pops up on Skype and starts his usual hard driving bullshit about all the millions they're going to make with Jim acting as a factory rep for this furniture factory he has contacts to. Then he went right into con man scammer mode and told Jim that the factory would need our bank information and routing numbers. This was followed by Mark insisting that his name be nowhere on the business and that we not have a website or anything with his name on it. Two huge red flags. First of all, this is how scammers from Nigeria drain your bank account, by obtaining the routing numbers and information, and secondly, why is he so eager to not be on record as part of this business. This is the point where I jumped into the Skype conversation and told Mark off, told him that we would not be participating with any wire tranfers, and ranted about how we did things very differently when I worked at a computer place that routinely dealt with factories and middle men in the far East.

But Jim did go talk to a few furniture stores, I bought a few local things as gifts back home before we went back to the same restaurant we ate at the night before. We had pizza and I had the most delicious drink - Monkey Business - a mixture of Bailey's, coconut rum, vodka and a fresh banana. While we were eating monkeys came down out of the trees and came into the restaurant. Squeal!! But I didn't bring my camera into the restaurant.

I cannot say enough about how much better the fresh fruit here tastes, I've never eaten bananas that taste so good! Makes what we get in the US tasteless.

By the time we finished lunch/dinner it started raining so hard so we ended our day early, around 6 pm local when the sun went down. We were caught in that torrential downpour and ended up totally drenched between the hotel parking lot and our room. More reading while Jim rested. It's amazing how less stressed I feel with the complete absence of a television.

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