Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lava Fields, Circling Key West and Driving Cold

On our last day in Costa Rica both Jim and I had colds, his still ongoing with coughing all night and mine just starting. Clearly I picked up his. Which made the hike we did onto the lava fields of the volcano park at Arenal something more like a nightmare landscape of ash, sulfur smells (not me farting for once) and sore feet. I complained beaux coup.

But we did get to see ring tailed lemurs, native raccoons and a number of exotic birds. As usual Jim found friends of all ages and nationalities to show off his various languages and linguistic skill set.

As much as I moaned during the hiking, the last 300 meters straight up straight up rocks instead of a trail, the view was well worth the insane sweating I did in the high humidity high temps of Costa Rica.

and Jim being most naughty like a bad little boy....

By the time we got back we were both pretty exhausted, packing our bags for the flight out in the morning.

Jim must have still been on tico time because we were slow getting out of the hotel and away to the aero port in San Jose, C.R. The drive down the mountains was torturously slow, winding around dogs in the streets, crazy drivers, goats, sheep, chickens and one lane bridges. I was stressing out big time because I was sure we'd never get there in time. But we did...

....and the flight was pushed back several times. We left Costa Rica a few hours later than planned. When we were a mere half hour from landing in Fort Lauderdale the captain announced that the Fort Lauderdale airport was closed due to bad weather, wind sheers and dangerous conditions. We circled Key West for quite a while until the pilot announced that we were running very low on fuel and were temporarily diverting to the Fort Myers airport for a refueling. By the time we were refueled and up in the air again they'd reopened the Fort Lauderdale airport.

We landed, but because the airport had lost power for awhile they could not get the air gangway thing hanging off the gate to roll up to our plane. So we sat and we sat and we sat on the runway. By the time we got off the plane we were very late. Because of all the international flights landing at the same time we stood in lines going through Customs for over two hours. By the time we collected the luggage, dealt with US Customs over our luggage, rode out to the parking lot on the shuttle bus and gotten to the hotel it was nearly 11 pm, about six hours later than we'd anticipated. Plus our colds were worse, we both got some remarks/dirty looks from fellow passengers with all the honking and sneezing the two of us did.

Walgreens for a cough syrup run, Wendy's Frosties as dinner for sore throats and we collapsed in the bed.

Today my fever is worse and I felt like hammered shit so I sent several friends I'd talked with about meeting up messages that I was too sick to inflict myself on them and infect them as well as me and we left, driving up I-95 towards home. Stopped for the night just over the Georgia/North Carolina border. 

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