Thursday, April 09, 2015

Small Town Politics & Travel Preperations

So I'm almost ready to leave on my trip to Costa Rica. We're leaving on Saturday morning, driving down. I've gotten someone to house sit/pet sit so that my cats and birds are well cared for and no thieving folks steal the almighty teevee. The car is washed, waxed, vacuumed and has a full tank of gas. The mail stop order in. Someone from Coin Telegraph hired and trained to admin the comments over at NLQ. Two weeks worth of postings loaded into NLQ so that there is new content the entire time I'll be gone. I've paid the airline for the bags, priority seating, business class seat upgrades and a few other things...Spirit Airlines shakes you down for every teeny tiny detail.

The plan is that we will be driving down from our home here in the Virginia Piedmont, as soon as the house sitter arrives on Saturday morning, and leisurely drive down to Daytona Beach, Florida for a couple of days r & r, followed by a week in Costa Rica, a few more days afterward in Florida at the beach. In other words, a vacation before the vacation and after the vacation to recover from the vacation.


Today so far has been mostly taken up with a meeting with our new lawyer. I'm spearheading getting the residents here to sue the HOA treasurer and president. If you're a regular reader here you'll remember we've been trying to get a legitimate financial statement out of the HOA president and treasurer for the last ten years. I'm a board member and I've been spit upon, cussed out, called names by the two of them. But the worm is about to turn.

This attorney is someone I know from church, someone that has four or five other clients who've tried to get the same info, who've wanted to sue. He's managed to get some of the outstanding HOA unpaid dues dismissed in court because the HOA is so completely illegally run. Basically we're going to all band together to sue. I'll be doing some of the leg work to collect resident signatures to add to the lawsuit and he'll file the paperwork. I'm doing a lot of the unpaid research to get this thing moving forward to at least get these two to account for where ten years of our homeowner dues have been spent.

Our attorney has done a great deal of research already, none of them is bonded or insured to handle money, none of the state registrations for HOAs have happened, no taxes have been filed by the organization for way more than ten years now and a whole huge pile of laws flouted.

The other very interesting fact I learned is that at least seven different residents here have approached our local district attorney, Tea Party darling who's gotten into piles of the strangest troubles and situations since taking office, and our DA has refused to lift a finger. My attorney is incensed over her behaviors as the DA. So much so that during our meeting he took a phone call from someone else I know in our small town, the head of the local Republican party. The entire call involved strategies to get Miss Tea Party voted out during upcoming election. After her reaction when I approached her about our HOA mess I say boot the bitch! She's nothing but drama and does nothing for the residents of this town. She spends much time fighting with the town police and the local sheriff's office.

What I find intriguing about Miss Tea Party is that she is beloved by the homeschooling Quiverfull Evangelical group in this town. Those folks that have only the slimmest idea how the real world works, that don't understand that sadly enough it's who you know and what social class you come from that seems to matter the most in the world of politics, even in a small town.

I deplore that it's like that, but am not sure how to change the culture so that everyone is viewed as having equality. It sure doesn't happen in small Southern towns.


Am super super busy right now. Not only am I about to have to do a bunch of research at the courthouse on who owns what properties in our HOA I'm also picking up oodles of website clients again, a big local law firm, an entertainment complex, a coming luxury hotel, a restaurant and two, count em, two furniture wholesalers. Looking forward to a vacation.

Unfortunately one of the furniture wholesalers is my own husband and his friend the possible con man. Jim is going to be the salesman/marketing rep here in the US and his friend will be working with the furniture factories in the Singapore area. It could be a huge flop, he could be trying to con us even if I told Jim and his friend that we will not be putting up penny one for this, but it could be a success too. Jim did once own a waterbed manufacturing company in Louisiana before he met me.

I'm trying to treat Jim and his partner like just another set of graphic design website clients and I think I'm going to straight up bill them for my services, LOL..

Lots of irons in the fire right now.

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