Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spas and Ahhs

Once the bird song started at the eco hotel we're staying at here in La Fortuna yesterday morn I was up, awake and drinking the best coffee I've had this side of New Orleans. Almost as good as Community Coffee. I spent several hours in the early morning drinking coffee, surfing the internet and bird watching on our hotel room deck.

 I saw both toucans and huge condors during my bird watching and lots of others I've not seen before. I've always loved birds. Amused that our hotel room has large watercolor paintings of local birds and the bath is decorated with a bird theme.

The hotel is the Green Lagoon and it's one of those green eco lodges with everything geared towards health, from the food to the activities and it could not be any better. One of the nicest places we've ever stayed.

Jim got up just in time for breakfast, one of the best meals I've had since arriving in CR. A lavish spread with every type of tropical fruit you could imagine, cheese, eggs, sausages, plantains, rice and beans and yogurt.

We spent most of the day either drinking rum laced smoothies on the hotel pool deck bar or in the natural hot springs of the volcano soaking. It was a very low key day. Jim's cold is much worse and he refuses to go to the pharmacia in town to get over the counter meds. I've managed to mess myself up pretty badly the day before by slipping in the nasty tub at the Hotel Karahe back in Quipos. When I fell one leg shot one direction and the other leg in a different one. My left hip ached some on the drive up to Arenal but not too bad. By yesterday I started having groin pain on the left side and some pretty significant pain. I'm hoping I haven't fractured something. So between the two of us we weren't exactly in any shape to climb up to the lagoon or down to the waterfalls.

Because we both felt so miserable physically we both spent most of the afternoon at the hotel spa sitting in the hot tub before both of us getting massages. The massage was something else, a luxury like I've never had before. Sure,  I've had massages, one of my relatives in Northern Virginia gives the best medical massages and has worked on me in the past. But.. she's never given me a massage in a spa built on a ledge of volcanic rock outdoors looking over a huge lake on one side and a volcano on the other. I was totally nekkid, outside, getting pummeled and stretched by a local lady.

Unfortunately for Jim the masseuse got our massage packages completely mixed up. I got the deep tissue massage and he ended up getting the relaxing massage. But I think I needed it more than he did with my hip problem.

Dinner followed by bed after that. I am finding that we are living not only a simpler life with no stress here, but we're following the cues of nature, up with the sun and bedtime once it's full darkness and there is little to do. That can't be bad?

Today we're supposed to do the lava fields and rainforest tours at the national volcano park and later pack for our flight back to the US tomorrow. But right now it's raining too hard to do anything but drink more coffee and write.

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