Monday, June 15, 2015

Furniture and Eye Styes

Thirteen days ago I passed a milestone and had my fifty-fifth birthday. Andy and Laura had us over for lunch and they gave me a wonderful present of a porch glider for the back deck we've been fixing up.We bought a beautiful tan and navy patterned outdoor rug for the deck and went ahead and ordered an all metal gazebo to replace our flimsy one.

It wasn't a particularly happy birthday time except for the cookout due to some stress in my life.

First, the constant monitoring of comments and news on the Josh Duggar situation. It's been very depressing to me. While I wanted the show to be cancelled, this is not at all how I wanted it to play out. God help those girls.

It also means I have been working way more hours than ever on NLQ because of the large hit numbers and interest in the story. Lots of interesting hate emails have come my way.

Second, there's been real  drama, which I will not speak of except to say if you are upset with me it's always a bad idea to start off by calling me a name in the first sentence. It violates my boundaries and after everything I've lived through I just don't respond to it any longer. I disengage until that person and myself are both calm enough to rationally discuss the issue. That goes for friends, work acquaintances, family, bulletin board members, HOA board, blog and NLQ. Names? Nope. Later calmness? Yes. I will not do drama.

I'd pretty much stopped doing anything but working on NLQ for these weeks. Last week I finally had to do laundry as I was running out of clean clothes and today I've scrubbed and rearranged my kitchen. Tomorrow is my 'down' day, the day before In Touch magazine releases new nasty information on the Duggar family and the internet explodes again. Kim Kardasian's ass didn't break the internet, but Josh's bad touch just might. Tomorrow I will do laundry and try to focus on other things.

This Friday was the first time in nearly a month when I wasn't endlessly updating NLQ so I took a little trip with Jim. He took his sales materials, I drove and we visited furniture stores between here, Charlottesville and over into Waynesboro.

Remember the guy that is one of Jim's friends who I was sure was trying mightily to scam Jim and I? Mark? He, Jim and a friend of Jim's in Pakistan have been working on getting a furniture import business off the ground. At first I was completely dismissive of their efforts because of the high pressure sales job Mark kept trying to do on Jim. But as time passes and I saw that there was no way for Mark to force Jim to cough up money for this venture and that he seemed to know what he was doing I relaxed and thought perhaps this might work out.

Jim's made some sales calls and generated interest. He's gotten a handful of places to say they were interested in buying furniture made in Malaysia where Mark lives.

Then the factory that Mark works with said that they weren't interested in working with Jim and Mark, that they had enough work without exporting to America, and, get this, they didn't think it would work because Americans are so much bigger and fatter than Asians so the furniture would be too fragile for our American lard asses. Well, they phrased it a little differently than I did, but not much.

So now Mark is scrambling for new factories and factory contacts, but Jim is still out there chugging along talking to retailers in the furniture business. He says he prefers to have me along on the furniture calls because it goes more smoothly, I have so far been able to answer questions he drew a temporary blank on. I've been enjoying it as I get to see all this just gorgeous furniture and I've learned a great deal about the business and what types and grades of furniture there are out there.

Plus I'm starting to see how courageous Jim is for trying to start another business in his sixties. Even if that business never really takes off. Part of it is that he is worried about his upcoming retirement at the end of July, which running the numbers really shouldn't be a worry.

Originally he said we would take a year here and then move to Costa Rica. He changed that a few weeks later to say he would retire in December. That suddenly turned into July with a move in December to Costa Rica. Now it's a move to Florida in December and a year or two later to Costa Rica.

This has been part of the irksome unsettledness going on that's been making me feel sort of down. Make a plan, stick with it. I know this is all worry about retirement too, so I'm not going to believe anything until it actually happens.

Yesterday had to take Jim to the doc in the box followed by the hospital ER. He's been having trouble with a swollen eye the last five days and it got much worse on Sunday. They said finally it was an infected hair follicle and sent him home with antibiotic cream for his eye, but I'm not entirely convinced it's not an underlying condition. He's exhausted and feverish too. He's home today and has spent much of the day in bed.

I've relearned yet again that I am the worlds worst nurse while I shuttle up and down the stairs with the camomile compresses the ER doc recommended for his eye.

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Karen said...

So sorry for all these difficulties! I hope things smooth out.

As a reader, my sense is that you've been doing a wonderful job with NLQ. It is obviously labor-intensive on your part, though. And it's very sad that you get hate mail.

BTW, I'm almost done with it (October), and 55 hasn't been bad. :)