Tuesday, June 09, 2015

How to Read Past the Coded Language to Spot the Dangerous Religion Aspects of a Candidate

My husband Jim reminded me early this morning in an email that today was voting in our town, a primary to pick the Republican nominee for our local state legislative body.

Yes, I realize I'm not a registered Republican, but neither am I a registered Democrat either. But one of the wonderful things about Virginia voter laws is that anyone of any party affiliation or not, can vote in any primary. That's how the Democrats and Independents managed to push out Congressman Eric Cantor in a primary and elect someone completely new, Dave Brat.

Sadly Brat seems to be something more of a joke that Cantor was. He's fallen a couple of times for urban legends and made a number of statement that make me question his intellect.

So getting back to today's election, I knew nothing about the three candidates and had to do a quick read of all three candidates websites to decide. Once I was there I ran across that coded language Fundy-speak that is part of many politicians belief set that they try to hide.

You can apply this to anything, politicians, toxic pastors, emotionally unstable people, damaging Christians, teachers, you name it. Any people group, if they start speaking in coded language you can rule them out.

Let's look at some of these statements and decode what they really and truly mean.

Statement: "I believe that recent efforts to undermine traditional marriage in the Commonwealth are a direct attack on the family unit"
Decoded: "I fear and hate homosexuals"

Statement: "The excessive proliferation of government welfare programs has led to a breakdown in the traditional family structure by rewarding reckless behavior and contributing to a never-ending cycle of poverty, and we should work to remove from government the power to destroy marriage."
Decoded: " I believe everyone not in a two parent family is scum that does not deserve to be helped out of poverty."

Statement: "Bureaucratic red tape associated with adoption must be reduced significantly to provide a ready option."
Decoded:  "White middle class Christians should be allowed to adopt immediately no matter how unsuitable they might be as parents."

Statement:"Additionally, parental consent and involvement should be expanded for the safety and security of our children."
Decoded:  "I believe that children have no agency and are completely owned by their parents."

Statement: "we should prevent taxpayer dollars from being spent on the abortion industry – an industry that millions of Virginians find morally objectionable and should not be forced to support financially"
Decoded:  "No abortions for anyone, not even in cases of rape or incest."

Statement: "Thousands of Virginians are currently being denied the opportunity to provide for their families, achieve economic independence, own a home, or start a business due to onerous taxation and government regulations.  Government should not interfere with an individual’s right to work and provide for one’s family."
Decoded:  "Religious families should be allowed to do whatever goofy thing they consider a business and not have to put up with being regulated by the government. Home based businesses should have complete freedom."

Statement: "I pledge my opposition to any policy that limits the free enterprise economy, such as burdensome regulations that cripple small business or efforts to undermine Virginia’s “Right to Work” law."
Decoded: "Those isolationist Christian families should be able to pay you whatever they think is right and have the ability to fire you for something as minor as refusing to pray before meals. I don't give a rip about helping Virginia's workers and working families."

Statement:  "I will push back against the EPA and other federal agencies that usurp the authority of our Commonwealth"
Decoded: "Fuck the environment and your pesky whining about pollution. I think Global Warning is a lie and likely deny all science."

Statement: " I am committed to upholding the constitutions of the United States and our Commonwealth by opposing illegal immigration."
Decoded: "And I hate Mexicans too."

Statement: " Further, as with other infringements of law, illegal immigration imposes a great cost on the citizens of Virginia.  This is realized through public safety issues, expanded welfare programs, overcrowded schools, etc."
Decoded: "I really hate Mexicans."

These were all from one of the candidates website, but the two others were not dissimilar. Knowing that the world of Evangelical Christianity thinks it's their mission to take over the government to control those that think differently than them makes it important to examine the stated stances on issues while decoding their Fundy-speak more important than ever.


Karen said...

Ew, they all sound like that? I'm not sure I would last long in your neck of the woods. But then I live in a part of the country where the Republicans have to run as DINOs to have a shot at winning a seat. (The last slimebag who tried this was soundly defeated.)

Kathleen Schwitzner said...

This is how many sound where I live too. Thanks for the translation primer. I just figured that If I couldn't make sense of the nonsense, that told me they didn't get my vote.

I happen to live in Illinois. When Barack was elected, a co-worker (!) said, "he's a black man!" Why yes he is. And a white man too.

Meanwhile, it's time for us to elect the replacement for Aaron Schock. Lucky us.