Sunday, June 07, 2015

Modesty Struggles Or Is That Really Appropriate Church Wear?

I attended church today for the first time in many moons. Why? Because of something the pastor said to me all those months ago. The reason doesn't really matter.

But... what exactly is appropriate to wear to church these days? I don't want to return to the old church days of either loose jumpers over tee shirts or equally baggy clothing that disguises every bit of the human female form.

During my years at the old church you could see a long strange assortment of things worn by the ladies, from loose jeans and tees, through the Little House on the Prairie frocks among the most conservative. Our pastor even got up and gave a long lecture one day on what proper church attire for women consisted of. Basically anything that did not cause him to stumble into lust from the pulpit, no short skirts, no sleeveless shirts, no halter tops. Cover up and make is loose.

When he gave that sermon myself and several others all murmured that we were not about to give up sleeveless shirts during menopause in the heat of the Southern summers. I actually told the pastor that if seeing a bra strap triggered him or any other male into lust then it was they that had the problem, not the woman and to be grateful we weren't going braless and causing even more lust distractions.

So I've come away with the idea of whatever you want to wear to church that covers up gonads is a-okay, and if your church is at a nudist camp, like one shown on the news last year here in Virginia, going with the accepted flow is alright. Even if that means nude.

But this morning I was very distracted at my big mainstream church by a lady around the same age group as myself, in her fifties. Every time she got up, sat down or moved around she exposed the spectacle of her ass crack and tramp stamp. Had on the shortest shorts in the middle of church. It was distracting to say the least. We were sitting behind her and as much as I tried to focus on the service my eyes kept going to the carpenter's crack when we had to move.

There are just some things you cannot help but look at, no matter how hard you try to look away. Which leads me to wonder if there really is a line of things you should not be wearing to church. What does that look like and how do you enforce it?

It's not good to run off folks from church because of their clothing choices... but ouch my eyes!

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Karen said...

Clothes that reveal too much are always inappropriate. Okay, "too much" varies somewhat by venue. But what you've described is as inappropriate in a night club as it is in church. My church-going days are long over, but at the time I believed if I wouldn't wear it to work, I wouldn't wear it to church. I was a Silicon Valley engineer, so work standards were pretty lax. Spaghetti straps and miniskirts were considered too revealing, but any more coverage than that was appropriate socially (physically, not so much; those buildings always had the A/C permanently on high, even in the winter).

I think your pushback about bra straps is totally in order. They exist, dude! Get over yourself! My experiences of the summer heat and humidity east of the Rockies convinced me that maybe people *should* wander around nude... except that there'd be nothing to soak up the sweat. I do not envy you your climate. I'm currently spoiled by the San Francisco Bay Area microclimate, and eventually I'll move to mountainous desert where it's cool and dry. No humidity for me!