Friday, July 24, 2015

Congradulations Eeagle Eeye!

The title is how the bakery wrote the words "Congratulations Eagle Eye" on the cake at the office party for Jim's retirement. He has worked all these years as an editor at the Dept of Publications for the Bureau of Labor Statistics and he's known for having a sharp eye, catching everyone else's writing mistakes.

I went into the city with Jim on Wednesday when his department was holding his retirement party and did some shopping for my youngest daughter Laura's birthday in the morning. I wandered around the Union Station area and the museum shops picking up a few things I think she'll love.

The afternoon was the party and I have to say, I was impressed. One of the high high ups that answers directly to presidential appointee Secretary of Labor Perez attended the party and had some kind words to say about Jim's ability to spot mistakes. The rest of his coworkers and his supervisor also said what a decent and kind man he is. One lady read a humorous poem she wrote for the occasion. It was moving, I'd not known how well liked he was by his coworkers.

Today was Jim's official last day at work and it started with a bang. He hit a deer with his car around 5:45 am this morning. He tried to stop but could not, clipping a young doe as she and her fawn tried to cross the road. He was uninjured and did not stop, thinking he'd just knocked out the passenger's side headlight. But once he got to the VRE station to catch his train he saw that part of the bumper was crushed and splintered plus the license plate was missing.

Guess what I did this morning? If you guessed that I went out to the accident site to retrieve his license plate, pick up pieces of glass and bumper from the road and see if the deer was dead you'd be right. I was almost done when a sheriff's deputy arrived and wanted to know what I was doing.

Looked for the fawn, trying to see if it was still around so that we could get the wildlife rescue folks out there but there was no sign of it. The mama deer had managed to get about twenty yards away from the accident site before dying. So sad, upsetting start to the day.

Now Jim's home with five boxes of things from his twenty plus years in his office. An era is coming to an end.

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