Sunday, July 05, 2015

I've Seen Fire(works) & I've Seen Rain

The Fourth of July was like this scene from "Office Space" for me..

I did nothing, I did absolutely nothing and it was all I ever thought it could be. I read, I watched a little tv, I worked on a quilt, I took a nap, I ate and I watched fireworks. Jim ran about and did his things, going out to the town July 4th celebration to help out at the church's booth, trying to sign up people to take the church's new English as a second language lessons geared towards our burgeoning Hispanic population.

I hate crowds, so I prefer home. Much easier on my asthma if I don't have to be exposed to everyone, the scents they wear, the cigarette smoke and assorted chemicals. If that means avoiding the town celebration so be it.

Glad our church is involved in helping out the Hispanic population instead of the usual response by many here that echos the recent words of Donald Trump. As time goes on and I get to know more of the ones that have chosen our small town as their new home, the more I realize that most of them are good additions to our community and country at large. Hard-working and family-oriented. The family that used to live next door would routinely bring me things like a flat of flowering bedding plants in the spring and other things and I'd help translate when things like the police or an ambulance needed to be called, even with my crappy tiny amount of Spanish. The family I know down the street are also equally wonderful. I'm always surprised and happy about how giving and sharing they are. They've sent over food from their family fiestas and birthdays.

The one negative instance I have with the local Hispanic community is the time I was in my living room quilting and my front door popped open. Some very inebriated Hispanic man was in my living room before I picked up my sewing scissors and told him to scram. It was terrifying to have someone break in like that, but the officer sent by the city police said he believed that the man mistook my house for his because there are so many Hispanic families in the subdivision behind ours. That could be.

Once the town fireworks started last night Jim and I were able to go out into our backyard, the edge of the backyard that backs up to the street to the next neighborhood, and see all the fireworks most clearly. It had rained very hard earlier in the day, soaking many at the local parade and celebration so I was glad the weather cleared enough to see the show.

This year the town moved the fireworks display down from the main park in town to the edge of the large graveyard a mile or so away. It made a big difference for us, usually we hear but cannot see the fireworks. This shift brought the display right to our backyard. We had people driving up on the road behind us to stop and watch the fireworks. Good vantage point as our subdivision is up on a hill overlooking the town.

As we stood on the edge of our property a large Mexican family we know that once lived in our neighborhood came by and we all watched the display. Lots of good conversation in a mixture of Spanglish.

After the fireworks Jim and I stayed up way too late watching the movie musical "The Music Man" marveling over the fact that here was a movie that was funny and good containing not one iota of sex or violence. I'm feeling the lack of sleep this morning.

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