Monday, August 31, 2015

It Depends

Jim worked today again as a substitute teacher at the middle school. It's his new normal in retirement, at least until he hits 66 and can file for full social security. We're not touching the bulk of our retirement account, trying to live on his federal retirement pay. But we're spending much less moolah now. No train tickets into the big bad city, no overpriced lunches at Union Station, and no tanks of gas just to drive an hour away to catch the train.

We're both rediscovering the lost art of the nap. Like today, around 4:30 I found myself just completely wiped out after using the time Jim was teaching to sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, scrub and straighten. I laid down for a few minutes for a quick nap. Jim joined me a few minutes later. Never did that before he retired. I had to be sick in the bed sick to lay down in the bed during the day.

Jim's learning it drives me nuts when he leaves the kitchen cabinets open or takes out the trash without replacing the trash can liner and I'm cooking from scratch for every meal because Jim prefers it. We're settling into his retirement without the drama, angst and tears that accompanied the first week or so.

My language classes are going well, I'm starting to finally get in the groove of how languages are taught very differently than they were when I last attending college thirty years ago.

Late afternoon I got a call from my friend that told me that young people learn so much quicker and other silly things almost as if she were trying heartily to discourage me. She called and said that she was calling to cry on my shoulder. I laughed and told her if she was going to try to tell me I'm too old to learn Spanish again I was not going to be in a mood to listen to her cry. Then I laughed. Hard. She realized I was joking/not joking, slightly miffed about her discouragement of the other day.

We're good friends, good enough to be honest with each other and not have to totally agree on everything. A mutual friend of ours is having a time of it with the treatments for brain cancer and she just needed to vent to someone how hard it was watching our friend struggle so hard.

Damn, I need a brownie right now. Time for homework.

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