Monday, August 31, 2015


It has been an interesting few weeks once the news that Josh Duggar banged a porn star and had two Ashley Madison accounts came out. I've been busier with No Longer Quivering than a proverbial one legged man at an ass kicking contest. Crazy Duggar news fuels crazy hit numbers and even crazier commentary.

The funny of it for me involves three things.

1 - Josh Duggar's 'turn ons' and requested sexual hijinks reported from the Ashley Madison hack were so completely safe, boring and vanilla. I don't know why but I was picturing him snorting blow off a dead transexual hooker's ass, not requests to give and receive oral sex and cuddling. Bill Maher put it best this last weekend, it basically boiled down to anyone not breastfeeding a baby while wearing a prairie dress.

2 - I wrote an article on how taking the purity culture thing way too far leads to guys turning out like Josh Duggar. I was careful to neither bash or praise Josh, I explained the danger of purity culture and got a crazy capacious ass-load of complaints from Christians coming into No Longer Quivering accusing me of making up excuses for Josh, for defending him.. Me? Defending Josh? Not on your tintype. I'd be more likely to hop, skip and jump around a lava pit than defend that boy! At least it gave me lots of interesting fodder for the Jerks4Jesus site, including two different young men claiming to be virgins. Well, bully for them but they're missing out on the most fun a person can have that doesn't involve laughing gas.

3 - Vyckie Garrison was interviewed by In Touch several times and was quoted by People magazine in both their print issue and online coverage of the Josh Duggar Infidelity Goat Rodeo. Almost immediately after the People publication a site decided to try and say that Vyckie does not know what she's talking about. It's a site that we used to be affiliated with but now avoid. The reason we stopped having a relationship with them involved a certain nasty group of people that are behind the scenes there. They've gone on to attack a large number of others, forcing someone I know out of the organization that she founded, harassing a number of online religious bloggers and writers including The Naked Pastor and Rachel Held Evans.

The interesting thing is that I can almost hear word for word the voice of the leader troll behind the scenes in the piece and it's someone that Vyckie launched that has no gratitude at all, merely jealousy and hatred. I was laughing reading the piece because it's disjointed and confusing plus it is glaringly obvious it was written out of the greenest of jealousy. Ms. Troll cannot stand the fact that Vyckie was the one being interviewed for these publications. That's unfortunate because Vyckie and I both have always been supportive every time Ms. Troll is interviewed and during all of her projects. I'm always glad when something good happens in the recovery movement no matter who is happens for, but not everyone is apparently. I've heard some pretty crazy stories about survivor wars from my friend Cindy Kunsman and others.

But here's the thing, it takes two sides to fight and quite frankly I don't care enough to fight. I am in the zero fucks zone now. Let the dogs bark but the caravan moves on. I'm only interested in moving forward.

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