Saturday, August 22, 2015

When You Least Expect It

Originally I was coming in here to whine about how hard this week was. I started college anew merely to learn Spanish and how they teach foreign language at a college level has changed drastically. How this will play out for me is unknown at this time. I'm studying and utilizing the online language labs. Can this old lady learn new tricks?

The other sucky is that this week brought more Josh Duggar sexual predator news. Meaning, just like in May, I'm spending more hours sitting at my computer reading the news feeds and endlessly updating the information on No Longer Quivering. Yeah, yeah, I know it's my job, but I cannot help but feel sorry for Anna Duggar in this last cheating scandal.

But on the good news front my friend Joanie stopped by yesterday afternoon and we sat in the newly landscaped area on our front lawn we're calling our 'front lawn living room'. The weather was gorgous, live has been so busy that this is the first real time we've had to connect and talk.

But that wasn't what so good and awesome about the visit. It was the fact that Pedro, my scaredy cat Siamese that for the last six years we've had him hides from anyone that is not immediate family. Pedro didn't hide, he came strolling over and flopped down in the grass something like fifteen feet from where we sat talking. We both greeted him and he didn't run, he stayed and I could see from his body language that he was completely relaxed.

I don't know if it's because Joanie has been at our house a great deal and he finally realizes she's no threat to him, or if he's just starting to mellow out in his old age. It's the first time that a non-family member hasn't made Pedro hide under the sofa or a bush.

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