Monday, September 14, 2015

Furbaby Heartbreak New and Old

After an uneventful week of Jim working part time at our local newspaper covering sports and writing a fantasy football column while not substitute teaching and myself engaged in work, research for various folks and several hours of Spanish homework every day I find myself so rudely triggered yet again.

It's not the fact that last Sunday many of us at our church were left with a rather nasty taste in our mouths when one of the pastors rattled on and on and on about the need for everyone to donate money towards the new steeple on a week when tragic news and heartbreaking photos were emerging in the press about the Syrian refugees. Yeah, there are some of us there that would rather raise funds go to towards helping the Syrians instead of rebuilding the steeple.

It's not even the fact that I've had tattle tale family members sharing someone else business I have no wish to know. Nor the fact that a friend has been threatening suicide.

This morning when I came home from church I saw a discussion online at a place I frequent about pit bulls being dangerous and the original poster expressed a strong opinion that all pit bulls and pit bull mixes need to be registered and monitored. Why? Mostly because of the incident in NYC where a lady unleashed her pit bulls on an innocent stranger and the animals almost took the man's life.

It wasn't the claims that pit bulls are extremely dangerous that upset me. Pets only behave in the same manner that their owners do or do not train them. Owners are ultimately responsible for their animals, in all ways.

What happened was that a lady commenting on the topic told the tale of how when her child was born one of her two cats she'd had quite a while bit her as she held the baby. Rather that trying to figure out why the animal did this and was it a one time thing or was something physically wrong or emotionally wrong with the cat she decided to get rid of both cats. Okay. So that strikes me as a bit extreme, but a mother was afraid her child would be attacked by her pets.

Did she take them to an animal shelter or make any attempt to find someone in her circle of acquaintances that might be able to take the cats? Nope. She took them to the vet and had both cats euthanized.

I was jaw dropped reading her solution to a one time biting problem, and had to compose and recompose what I wanted to say to her. I had to take it down from a place of obscenities and wishing violence on her to simply telling the lady how awful her actions were.

A few people supported what I had to say but then it turned into an internet pile up like I figured it might. I never replied to anyone after my initial comment telling the cat killer how reprehensible her actions were and pointing out the alternatives. This was a a place where there are lots of people who used to be fundamentalist Christians and were no more. This is also typical behavior towards animals I have witnessed again and again among the more extreme Christian cults. You know if they cannot treat their own children with loving respect and care that it's too much to think that they might be able to treat poor defenseless animals with any loving kindness.

I've been disgusted and rattled most of the day, unable to move past the fact that people still treat pets like they are as disposable as a dirty kleenex.

For many years now I've done animal rescue, fostered animals, had my own precious pets and I just cannot wrap my mind around that sort of cruel treatment to a fur baby. I feel like puking.

When I attended my old church I'd encountered this attitude of animals being disposable and worthless more times that I like to think about. This goes well beyond some of them that were too cheap to get adequate medical care for their animals to a cruel indifference.

But what did I expect, some of these type people are the ones I'm hearing now calling for troops to go into Syria and flatten the place to solve the refugee issue. Killing never solved anything.

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