Thursday, October 01, 2015

By the Sea

The last few weeks we've been on vacation, down in South Florida with friends from our former church. It was fun and it was hairy all at the same time. I got to see some things up close and personal that I find fairly disturbing.It was a bunch of firsts.

The Good: Had Cuban food. Got to hang out with Cindy Kunsman at Hollywood Beach, an atonal karaoke and a drag queen show. Did tequila shots for the first time ever. Jim and I spent the afternoon of our drive back at our beloved Ormond Beach. Watched the sun rise over Pompano Beach. Got to swim daily in one of the many resort swimming pools.

The Bad: We had two pretty horrific hotel stays, one place had blood splatters on the comforter, the other someone had jumped all over the bed with dirty little feet and the floor was littered with potato chip crumbs. We sat through a five hour time share pitch just to score a week at a resort. Our friends didn't show much inclination for leaving the resort. I got told off for continuing to admin No Longer Quivering more than once, which was just rude considering there is a lot I could criticize about the person giving me grief. I bit my tongue.

The Ugly: I got to watch my beloved friend struggle with fear, fear over her diet to keep her sugar down, fear of sharks in the ocean and a variety of other fears. I fear for her because it's not emotionally healthy to have that much fear in your life. Also I had two back to back asthma attacks that were about a nine on he one to ten scale without knowing why. I blacked out several times but eventually the meds kicked in and I was better. This time had a twist - Jim said I got weird, antsy and very not myself at all in the hour leading up to the attack. Apparently my oxygen levels were tanking during the sales pitch and I didn't know it.

The Weird: I had a pedicure right before we left and have my toes done up in a pink pearly shade with iridescent pink glitter at the very tips. One morning in the ocean a six inch long yellow snapper fish decided that my glittery toes looked way too much like enticing worms. He followed me no matter what I did or how I kicked, darting in to take nibbles from my toes.

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