Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bongs and Stratocasters and Twerking

And on a completely unrelated note while digging around in the basement closet at the AirBNB house we're staying at this week my son Andy discovered the boxes for a fancy bong and a couple of vap machines. Looks like the homeowners like to smoka the wacky weed.

He also uncovered the homeowner's stash of guitars and basses in the basement game room and has been playing and singing up a storm, all the strange bizarre music he has written over the years. This includes a series of punk rock songs involving English soccer riots.

Laura and I had great fun last night making Andy scream and cover his eyes. He was playing something called Japanese Metal Jazz on his IPad and we all started dancing, Jim, Ian, Laura and I. Once the guys sat down again Laura started trying to twerk, I jumped up and joined her. It was a sight too gruesome for Andy.

Waiting for them to get back from Austin for round two now.

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