Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hanging Lights

After I actually went out and drove my car around for the first time since the thumb-pocalypse I decided I could delay no longer. Time to festoon the outside of our Cape Cod style cottage with ten thousand Italian twinkle lights. No, not that many and mostly imported from China.

Let's just say I was influenced by the drugs and last night's viewing of Clark W. Griswold in 'Christmas Vacation' I put up an outdoor light display every year. This year I did a dozen or so strings instead of the usual overkill. 

However I learned a couple of things. a) no matter how carefully you pack the lights they come out in one giant tangled ball. b) I should never use narcotics and stand on a ladder at the same time.

But it was worth it when I reenacted the moment of Clark lighting up his lights, right down to making Jim give me a drum roll.

Just the distraction I needed from the pill popping, pain and laying around. Still very slowly on the mend here.

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