Friday, December 18, 2015


And the operative word is 'high' as in goofy from the pain meds. I think I'm going to stop taking them and just deal the best with the pain I can.

Supposed to have done laundry today for our upcoming trip. But I was tripping too hard to get much done. Had a long bout of insomnia last night and was up until around 3:30 am. So tired today that I was already feeling spacey without the pain pills.

Managed to lock myself out of the house without my cell phone after going down the street to check on an elderly neighbor. Ended up taking a nice nap and read the paper sitting in my car waiting for Jim to come home and let me inside.

The closest I came to actually doing laundry was loading the machine, coming back three hours later wondering why I didn't hear the bell telling me the load was finished only to discover I never took the additional step of, you know, pushing the button and turning it on.

Did get the heavy winter bedding out of storage and the winter duvet covered and on the bed. Yippee! Between that and loading the dishwasher that was about it.

Not much productive action going on here. Tomorrow is family Christmas held on the only day we all can get together near Christmas due to various people traveling in all directions. Should be amusing because Jim bought all of us the same thing. I don't know what this 'same thing' is, but I have a sneaking suspicion based on where I think he bought them at that I'm not going to like it much. Oh well, at least he tried.

Later I was treated to the sounds of his cursing and fumbling while wrapping the presents up this afternoon. 

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