Monday, December 14, 2015

Just Pay My Husband!

Oh I am off on a pain-killer filled rant this morning. Here we are, in mid-December, and my poor husband still has not received one penny from our local newspaper he's been writing for since his retirement. You know, that retirement that started on August 1st, four long months ago.

Even based upon the penny-ante peanuts scale of pay, not including the times he did statistics for other sports writers or tagged along to help the other writers, he's owed close to 500 dollars. Not bank-breaking, but not insignificant either.

Jim has a byline and his photo in the paper for his fantasy football column, spanning the entire season but the Star Exponent keeps giving him the run around on actually paying him. First it was that the proper forms hadn't been filled out, then it was that he hadn't submitted his invoice, then it was that they had no record of the invoice, lather, rinse, repeat and two weeks ago he had to fill out more forms.

So where is his money?

A few days ago one of the regular reporters complained on Twitter that the newspaper was shorting his pay. This is a guy that puts in well over 40 hours a week with the newspaper and has to have a second job to support himself.

Since the paper is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet I can only conclude that it's a ploy, a desperate plot by the paper to keep denying you a payment in hopes that you've either keep writing for free, or you'll just shut up and go away without being paid. There are others I know in this small town that have had an enormous hassle getting paid by the Star Exponent.

Way to try to screw a guy on a fixed income Star Exponent. I guess the next time our newspaper bill comes due I'll just sent you a note asking you to credit Jim's unpaid writing against what we owe. Actually, no, I think it's time to get the state of Virginia's labor people involved in this. Surely there's some sort of penalty for businesses that refuse to pay their workers.

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