Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Doctors Are Kind of Like Assholes...

Do you remember that old saying that opinions are like assholes? Doctors kind of fit in that category as well. Just like assholes they all are different and hold differing opinions.

The thumb, the thumb that would not quit. Sunday at church was pure misery I was in so much pain in the hand and thumb but could not take any pain pills because Jim and I drove separately. I'm still involved with worship and he's head of counting up the offering. Interesting enough there is a lot of whining, crying, in fighting and blaming among those that court up the monies. They cannot even agree on best practices. Jim has a mess on his hands. The kind of ugly nasty church mess that I run far away from.

I was in misery the rest of Sunday and most of Monday, throwing in the pain pills again like M&Ms.

Tuesday morning I had an appointment with my dermatologist that I'd set back in late October when my hairdresser pointed out a suspiciously skin-cancer-like spot on the edge of my scalp. When he came into the exam room, took one look at my updated medical history and went right for my thumb/hand. "What about this spot on my head?" I whined as he was manipulating my hand. He barely glanced at it and told me it was an age related thing that was harmless. Great.

He believes that the thumb and hand infection was also fungal. Wanted to do a biopsy and more bloodwork but I declined. I was not there to see him about my hand.

Today I finally got in to see the infectious disease specialist a few towns over. Before the appointment was over not only did they do a skin biopsy but I found myself in the Infusion Center getting another round of IV antibiotics and an IV antifungal. Have scripts for another month on antitbiotics (new ones) and something to bring down my viral load.

Will this make this misery go away? I am hopeful. Today is the first day I did not have a fever since the 27th of November. I'm not having to take the pain pills and I have regained a little use of the thumb.

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