Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Duck Bowling?

It is cold out there today. When I got up this morning the windchill put the temps in the minuses. But I've been home more than not lately so I was starting to feel a little antsy. Particularly since..... drum roll please....... THE MEDICINE IS WORKING AND I CAN USE MY RIGHT HAND at least for a while now each day.

No more whining and crying or mourning today thank gawd. Just a lot of chilly errands ahead of the big snow. You'd think we were getting a blizzard tomorrow because the store was filled with folks hording milk and yogurt and eggs.

Took some time out to visit the park and feed all this last week's stale bread to the ducks. With the low temps the lake is mostly frozen over. When the ducks saw me coming they RAN...and slipped and slid into each other, bowling others over. I wish I'd have taken a video instead of this lone still right before the running on ice happened.

I'm going to revisit in the morning and see if I can get a duck bowling video.

One of the things I never like about going to the park is even on a day were it was all of a balmy 18 degrees when I was outside there are random dudes lurking in the park. Most of the time they're just sitting in their trucks, staring at who knows what. Makes me nervous. Never expected to see three of them on a day as cold as today. What on earth are they doing there?

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