Monday, February 22, 2016

And I Got Nuttin'

Was going to write tonight about the disrespect and ridiculousness of Ted Cruz and other Evangelicals claiming that gluten-free eating is a fad. But my brain happens to be stuck on stupid tonight. Will have to revisit my arguments on this in the morning.

But I will say this, this is the kind of thinking I ran into in my former faith life, any little medical condition or sensitivity being declared a 'strong hold' or 'demonic' or 'made up' by some of the same folks chugging mixtures containing bleach and/or heavy metals. Not open to new things, yet prone to doing things that will really wreck your health.

Look at Cruz, doesn't he look unhealthy to you? He does to me. Pasty, some pudge with those fetal alcohol syndrome baby eyes. Bet he lives all on processed foods. Such nerve to act like gluten and wheat sensitivities are some sort of fad instead of genuine medical conditions.


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