Thursday, February 04, 2016


Been a crazy couple of days. My creative mind is going into some weird spaces as a result.

1 - I made the discovery a few days ago that the reason I was feeling crappy and my blood sugar levels jumped from normal to insane was that I was eating yogurt three times a day. A few weeks ago my new doctor said that while I'm on antibiotics for some months now I should be eating yogurt two or three times a day. I have been, but I slipped and bought Chobani yogurt without reading the labels. Holy cow! In the type I got it has a full days allowance of recommended sugar in one damn serving. I was eating it three times a day for a couple of weeks. Sending my blood sugar into insane diabetic range again. Three times the sugar you're supposed to have in one day!?!?!?... knew I'd hit on the right thing when my blood sugar tumbled 80 points in four hours after stopping that yogurt. Going back to my own homemade yogurt with only a bit of mashed fruit and stevia. Shit you feel weird as hell when the blood sugar levels are zooming around!

2 - Andy had a car wreck. He was unhurt but it was the craziest damn thing. He was driving down the road with three friends to pick up lunch when a woman backed out of the auto body shop and hit him hard. She'd just gotten her car back from her last wreck! He's riding in a rental car and making arrangements to get his car fixed on her dime.

3 - Worrying about Laura because she had to buy four new tires for her car and she's stressing out over working full time and working on her Masters. It's a time and money crunch for her. I don't get to see her as often as I would like. I miss her.

Today we ran around to Costco after walking around the mall and taking phone calls from both Andy and Laura. The good of today is we were both feeling so tight and stressed out that we plumped out the dough to sit in one of those massage chairs in the mall for ten minutes. I need an official medical massage so badly right now for my back. It might have been the mall (which I'm not crazy about in the first place), it might have been the really crappy mall in Fredericksburg, but I was melting all over the chair. I need one of those massage chairs at the house. Tried to get Jim to go with me to get a pedicure so we could sit in their massage chairs for free, but he's not quite brave enough to go for a pedicure yet.

Once we got home tonight and I started the thankless task of hauling, sorting and packing our Costco haul into the shelves in our laundry room I started thinking about this political race. It's sort of like "Game of Thrones", with the exception of no one is literally cutting anyone elses head off with a sword, just figuratively with their tongues. It's so obvious by the media coverage that certain candidates on each side are the frozen chosen of the Koch brothers and the 1% no matter what we peons think. I've never seen it quite so awful and manipulated in my lifetime.

Which led me down the odd path of thinking which candidate is who on "Game of Thrones" and why they are... Here's my first pairing. Look at the facial expressions and tell me it's not similar...

Jeb Bush

and his GoT counterpart     


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