Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Mardi Gras Whine, Oops, Wine

Today was interesting and disgusting at the same time. After returning from Spanish class at the local college I went with Jim to a meeting with another member of the church collection counting team. We met at one of the local Italian places. I ordered wine because I knew there was some possibility of whining and a lot of cluster-you-know-what about to be discussed.

Back when Jim retired from his government job the church business manager asked him to help out with the counting team, to observe, oversee and see about stream lining the process. He didn't realize at the time that she'd told everyone else, including the pastor, that he was now officially 'in charge' of that.

Turns out it was something of a dump job. She was struggling to keep up with the mountain of crappy duties that kept being added to her position and had decided to get volunteers to help out. Unfortunately she never communicated that fact to Jim. He thought he was merely a backup.

But in the months since July he's really had a time with the others on the team. This one bitches about that one. No one will follow the officially written up procedures. Some put the funds in the safe, some just shove them into whatever drawer they deem appropriate in the offices. One lady that has been counting the money for many years and struggling to do it in a timely fashion thinks that it should only be done her way. She hates a couple of the others that count on different Sundays. Quite without warning, or being asked, or mentioning it to anyone else she decided she would buy a new safe just for the offering. There is already a perfectly fine almost brand new offering safe in the office that she ignores because she thinks the slot is 'too tiny'. Now she's expecting to be reimbursed the three or four hundred bucks she spent on this unneeded new safe.

So since this is Mardi Gras day and I knew I was about to have to sit through an insufferable meeting over ridiculous peoples actions in church I had a few glasses of wine. Really, if I was home in New Orleans I would have had wine, likely a lot of wine while stumbling around the parade routes.

This whole episode with the childish feuds and behavior by church members just makes me more determined to not participate in 'helping' out or taking much part in the ministries. Back at our old church I did all that, was one of the 5% running the church while running myself ragged. I have endured all the meetings, gossip, stupid back biting, petty power struggles and self righteousness that I can handle in a lifetime. I'm done.

This is Jim's mess to deal with. I told him ages ago he needs to decide upon the rules, announce the rules and then enforce them. Which is what this church board member said to him today at lunch. The lady that bought the safe has to be told that the safe has to go back to the store because it was never approved by anyone on the finance team.

Besides, I have my own mess to deal with on Thursday night. I have a board meeting of the HOA that ate my brain. All seats are up for a vote, and I'm planning on giving up mine. Too much drama of other childish people with nothing accomplished. Now that the HOA is in the hands of a management company I feel pretty confident that things will be done correctly, according to state law and no one will be siphoning off HOA dues money like has happened with a couple of past treasurers.

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