Saturday, February 06, 2016

No Pancakes For Me?!

One of the sad things that has happened over the last week or so involves my bouncing around blood sugar levels. Because of the highs I spiked after not reading yogurt levels and consuming three times the recommended amount in one day for weeks on end I've been recommitting myself to controlling my blood sugar. Not as easy a task as this December when I felt like crap and had zero appetite, sad to say.

A few days ago I downloaded an app on my phone to help out. I track everything I eat and the nutrition track does all the figuring for me. It has hundreds of thousands of values preloaded into the app so you can see at any one time how much you're consuming. It's pretty ingenious and much better than my old method writing down everything and looking up the levels.

That's good and that's very bad at the same time. Yesterday evening I started getting the dry eyes and itching finger tips I get whenever the blood sugar levels are high, so I pulled out my cell phone and app to take a look since I'd been tracking every bite and thought I was being very virtuous. Not quite. My diet apparently has great deal more hidden sugars and carbs than I thought.

Today I've been good on the carbs and sugars, but not so good on salt and cholesterol. So when Jim turned to me this evening and started insisting I go with him to a nearby sausage and pancake dinner for charity I had to demur. He just was not hearing it, insisting I go until I had to quite angrily state I was going nowhere that was filled with foods I could not eat. It would be too torture-some to sit there while he ate several plates of pancakes, fried apples and sausage patties. 

No thanks! I'll stay home with my cauliflower, cabbage and lean roast beef for dinner. I would still rather have pancakes however. But I don't relish the idea of having to constantly poke myself with an insulin needle either.

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