Monday, February 15, 2016

Quoted by 'The Young Turks'

Vyckie Garrison's piece on Let Them Marry's Girls Are Like Apple's meme has been traveling far and wide today. Personally I'm glad because the average American thinks that Fundamentalist Christianity and Quiverfull are old fashioned quaint harmless fun - like the Duggars present themselves. This shows the ugly truth underneath all the side hugs and Tater Tot Casserole.

At the same time I kind of hate that this is involved with Von Ohlman, because I may not agree with him on much of anything theology-wise but he's one of the few I've run across in the world that you can discuss issues and theology with where he's not going to go into crazy personal insult territory. There aren't very many fundamentalist Christians open to any sort of discussion in a rational non-personal insulting way.

I feel a strangely chagrined liking for the man sometimes even.

But at the same time Vyckie's 'Apples and Girls' piece has been shared and quoted all over the place. Tonight it was mentioned on one of my favorite shows 'The Young Turks' and I was quoted directly by Cenk Uygur and he actually did the impossible, he managed to pronounce both my unusual first and last name correctly. A miracle!

He did get a number of things wrong. Von is not the head of any official Quiverfull religion, Quiverfull crosses many and none official denominations in Christianity. Von's just another flavor of it.

Vyckie Garrison, not I, is the one that started No Longer Quivering.  I took over the day to day running of the site something like three or four years ago.

Quiverfull does not mean keeping kids from having sex yet marrying them off as soon as their sexual organs function as adults. 

But I can live with Uygur's mistakes because in his mistakes he made the entire Quiverfull genre seem much worse and vile that it usually does in the media. It's all good.

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