Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sublimating Sleepiness Everywhere

Lately we're both had trouble getting to sleep. It goes something like this. I'll crawl into bed with a book near midnight and try to read till I'm sleepy. Used to work like a charm. Not working so well now.

Add in an hour or two and Jim comes to bed. I'm still wide awake or I'm on the edge of sleep and he starts tossing and turning, either waking me up, or preventing me from settling in to sleep.

Or sometimes we'll both get to sleep in his cell phone will start beeping in the middle of the night with messages from his friend Mr. Con Man in Malaysia with newer 'get rich quick' schemes or pleadings to Jim for use to move to Malaysia. This always startles me awake.

Settle back down and can't sleep, start worrying about the kids, or the home remodel, or the mess with Jim's brother or a thousand other things, most of them quite dumb and cannot sleep even more. I've always had a hard time turning off my mind to sleep but lately it's become extremely difficult to do. I almost wish I was a worry-free fundy still, able to sleep by mentally reciting Bible verses or singing worship songs in my mind. Must find a non-religious substitute Jedi sleep mind trick.

Finally, mercifully drift off to sleep around dawn just in time for Jim's other buddy I don't much like, T-Bone, to start messaging Jim and waking me up.

I think I'm going to place a moratorium on cell phones in the bed room until we both start being able to sleep the entire night through.

What happens after sleepless nights are days like today. I stumble around in a fog that not even a pot of Community Coffee dark roast can dispel. I do the least amount of things possible. Instead of my usual Friday house scrubbing I baked bread and a few pies today. You don't have to do any critical thinking when you're baking.

It's on mornings like today that I make silly mistakes updating No Longer Quivering, getting the details of one clueless fundamentalist pastor with another, or make some goofy grammar or word usage slip up, like the whole there, their, they're thing. 

The only good that's come of it is that I've read a huge pile of books since my insomnia started. Just finished up Sue Klebold's book about her son Dylan, one of the shooters in the Columbine tragedy - A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy. I have to say that it's brave, painful and painfully honest look at living in the terrifying aftermath of the tragedy caused by a mentally ill child. I cannot imagine living through such an experience and coming out wanting to help others to prevent any other child slipping through the cracks to harm others.

One of the other books that has been difficult to read but hard to put down on these late nights has been The Baby Thief: The Untold Story of Georgia Tann, the Baby Seller That Corrupted Adoption by Barbara Bisantz Raymond. I have to say this was one of those books covering historical eras and shifting ideas in society in a intriguing way. The author obviously put in many months and possibly years into the research that forms the basis for this book on the history of adoption. Well worth the read. 

Tonight I am just finishing up William Shatner's new book -- Leonard: My Fifty Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man.   I have to say, as much as I knew I wanted to read this book I had serious mixed feelings about putting any money into Shatner's pocket. I've enjoyed many of William Shatner's books, I've loved Star Trek and Leonard Nimoy, but the speed at which Shatner came out with this book, less than a year after Nimoy's death leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like grave robbing or whoring something out. I suspect Shatner's motives are financial more than honoring his friend. If you can hold your nose and get over the idea that you're funding a possibly grifting William Shatner it's a great read. Lots of interesting stories and quotes about Nimoy, and even some deeply intimate sharing over the death of Shatner's third wife and her struggle with alcohol. I didn't know until I read this book how many things Leonard Nimoy himself struggled to overcome, like alcohol.  He was apparently instrumental during Shatner's mourning and recovery over the death of his wife.

Next up is a pile of biographies of Britain's royal families going back many centuries plus some assorted books on physics. Hopefully the physics will lull me to sleep.

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Karen said...

No cell phones in the bedroom! You all need your sleep.

I have a few fiction stories that I like to work on when I can't sleep. They'll never be coherent enough to publish, They're just vignettes.. but I think, what would character X do if she encountered Y situation? And let it start to play out in my head, as I lay in bed. Eventually I drop off to sleep, only to pick up the thread the next night (or start a new one). The important thing is that I'm not thinking about the real-world things that could worry me.