Friday, February 12, 2016

The HOA That Ate My Brain Finis

Last night we had another HOA meeting, those awful nerve-jangling happenings that I cringe to attend. So much nasty history wrapped around our likely-scamming treasurer who refuses to cooperate with the rest of us. She name-calls and threatens.

About three or four months ago acting on my suggestion the mostly-spineless president turned over the running and management of our HOA to a professional company that only does HOA management. It was a good move placing the monies and being the evil rule enforcers with people who aren't living in the neighborhood at all. At times the contentiousness has gotten so awful that I've had homeowners pounding on my door all day demanding I talk to neighbor so-n-so about their children tearing up their trees, or asking why board member so-n-so hasn't responded to their email trying to reserve the club house party room. None of which is any responsibility of mine.

The meeting last night was to elect a new board of directors. It was almost anti-climactic. None of the board members who are trouble makers or threaten to kick someone elses asses were there at all. None of the more nasty fighting residents attended the meeting. None of the current board members, including me, put forth their names to run for office.

Once it became obvious that they were not going to reach enough nominations to fill the board I sighed and said I'd run for one of the two vacant slots no one seemed interested in filling. Immediately after I said that I'd consider continuing on in my current role, even if I really didn't want to do it this toothless redneck type I've never ever seen before at the meetings nominated himself and so did a couple of others.

Long story short. When the voting shook out I lost, along with the other board members that wanted to stay on the board. Every board member gone. Clean sweep. Jim was voted in and will be taking my slot as secretary. That's fine because I'm pretty burned out anyway. But I have to admit, it stung just a little to be rejected like that. It stung even worse to lose to a newbie who cannot even string together a full sentence. Good luck to the new board. They are going to need it because trying to straighten out any little issue is like pulling teeth in the dark with your hands tied tightly behind your back.

But I was super relieved to be off the board once the short HOA meeting ended and all the new board members had to stay for a board meeting. The HOA meeting was only a mere thirty minutes. The board meeting was two and half hours. Same horrid off-key tune, different set of players. The board meetings were always the worst thing about sitting on the board. I was challenged not to roll my eyes and snore every time.

Once I was tasked with creating a newsletter for the community and three lengthy board meetings later combined with endless revisions that flip flopped back and forth I estimated I'd spent something like two hours creating the newsletter but over 25 hours of meetings and consultations before the board approved the original first version and sent it out.

On a happy note it looks like I finally have the right buyer at a price I wanted for my Louisiana farmland. Changed real estate agencies and it happened quickly. Negotiating now. Just in the nick of time since I'm starting to plan a trip to South Florida and to Panama and a late spring week in Los Angeles visiting old friends.

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