Saturday, March 05, 2016

Blogger Melissa Progressive Quiverfull Locks Her Blog

After I announced at NLQ that I was going to start quoting some of this particular blogger's words she locked her blog.

That's okay, I still have plenty at ready for NLQ Like this, one of her last posts...

Victory over the FJ Beehive

Accent Line

The “Melissa of Green Gables” thread that the buzzy bees established for the nasty purpose of harassing me was locked by the administration of that wicked site: The in-fighting amongst all those gossiping harlequins exploded to such rage induced levels of nastiness that nothing would’ve satisfied them.

These harlots of gossip are the very things that scripture condemns in the qualities of women.

Such nasty, unwholesome qualities that this blog helped bring to light included hatred of men; vilification of innocents; and a valueless society of gossipy Fox Maidens possessed of deception, lies, anger, and angst.

Free Jinger condemns Fundamentalist Christians, such as my family, from within the sin-drenched protection of their Babylon hive. They proclaim their superiority over so-called “abusive religions” whilst being just as abusive (if not more so!) themselves!

They are the epitome of hypocrisy!

After locking the thread, it has now vanished. A desperate attempt to delete from view the mountain of evidence as to their true nature: Evil.

I have received support for my open dialog with the Fox Maidens. They have hurt people in the past, and they continue to hurt people. Don’t let them hurt you!

This blog was persecuted by Free Jinger, but God helped me remain calm and they collapsed under the weight of their own debauchery.

Like Sodom and Gomorrah: Not a single godly woman can be found within their hive.
I just question how calling people 'harlots' and then locking your blog is a victory? She tried so hard since December to get Vyckie Garrison and NLQ's attention with referencing how mean, nasty and evil we are that once I turned my attention to her she freaks out?

Was feeling sorry for the pile on virtual pounding she was getting, but if her tactics to get NLQ to acknowledge her and this post are anything to go by it's likely she's behaved in a very nasty bashing unpleasant way everywhere she went online.

The sad thing is that the situation likely caused by her own bad behavior is going to give her plenty of fodder to start wailing that she's the victim of 'Christian Persecution' Christian Entitlement Syndrome.

Shake heads, how stupid.

How do any of these people expect anyone to join their Jesus circle jerk by acting like jerks? Dear Lord please save me from fundamentalist Christians. 

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