Sunday, March 06, 2016

Class, It Rhymes With Ass

Over the last few months I've had great fun poking at the missteps and foibles of all the candidates on both sides of the political spectrum. Who couldn't laugh at Ted Cruz's apparent booger eating during the debate or cringe when Rubio and Trump implied things about penis size? Is there anyone that hasn't looked at Hillary Clinton's outfits and wondered why she didn't pony up for a fashion stylist? I hurt for her frumpiness and I am no fan of hers.

But today Alternet really crossed a line in one of their articles. They wrote an article about Donald Trump's adult children and various wives, ex and current. The writer attacked all those related to Trump for everything from silly vanity music recordings to having modeled clothing at a fashion show. It was pretty low, disgraceful even, something that really shouldn't happen.

None of Trump's children or wives had any choice in being associated with a candidate that retweets Benito Mussolini quotes and naively thinks he can solve the complex issues of illegal immigration with a wall. You cannot help who your family is, no matter if he rides the back of the garbage truck for a living, or just happens to be an inflated egomaniac famous businessman with delusions of being the president.

They are not him. They also aren't running for president. They should be off-limits as a target for cheap shots, their personal lives shouldn't be fodder for speculation over their father./husband's campaign.

I think one of the things that annoys me the most when people write negative articles about Trump's family is the many people that want to point at his daughter and say she would be nothing without being part of his company. Ivanka Trump holds a business degree, in economics actually, from the Wharton School. They just don't hand those things out like participation trophies at a kids soccer league. Wharton isn't easy to attend, much less get that degree. Clearly she's intelligent and not entirely riding daddy's coat tails all the time.

As a candidate I don't much like Trump, except for the fact that no special interest group owns him. But I think his children have turned out pretty well on whole. At least Ivanka isn't a rich kid layabout like Paris Hilton and lots of other rich kids no matter what her faults may be.

Seriously media, leave the candidates families out of your sniping. They didn't have a choice in what family they are in. Stick to the real issues.

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