Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Eyeache my Ear - MRSA House and Dreaming of Costa Rica

Just found out this morning that the painful burning of my left eye and lids is the reappearance of the MRSA infection I've been plagued with every since the day before Thanksgiving. Last week my hand/thumb and fingers on my right hand started itching and turning 50 shades of red before yesterday afternoon my left eye lids swelling and itching.

This is bout number 3. Does not seem to want to go away, never mind if I'm getting IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics and other meds. This thing just wants to ramble all the way around. Switcheroo meds yet again, another hour in the infusion center for re hydration and other meds and sent home with more meds after giving up more blood for blood cultures and another nasal swab.

But I am starting to recognize this thing before it emerges. First I get horribly dehydrated no matter hw much fluid I am drinking, the body siphons that off and sends it to the getting infected part. This time my left eye, eyelids and sinuses.  The next step is that I get a fever, followed by pain in a few hours. Don't let me kid anyone, the pain from the infection is one of the worst pains I've ever had. I've had natural childbirth, a finger nail removed without anesthesia and broken bones. This cannot compare.The final thing that happens before the extreme swelling and redness is I start feeling horrible, like I just finished ten rounds in the ring with the current UFC champ and now all I want to do is lay down and rest. Everything about my body screams 'Lay down right now.'

When I had the 'lay down right now' response to the simple task of getting up, getting dressed and making coffee I knew it was drag my self to the doctor asap. So I did.

The thing that is maddening about all of this is that its very likely I picked up this infection at the hospital back in early November.

The only fun bit of all of this is that sitting in the waiting room with some folks I know that have returned from central America with some sort of crud was discussion of our respective vacations since he and my husband have retired. They're headed to Arenal, Costa Rica soon and I shared not to pay the fancy hotel thirty  bucks each to sit in the thermal water pools heated by the volcano but drive on the main road out of La Fortuna looking for where the locals have parked their cars and congregated to sit for free in the natural bubbling springs coming out of the volcano.

I also told them as much as I could about the wellness resort we stayed at in La Fortuna, the Green Lagoon, one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever stayed at on the edge of the waterfalls and just below the deep green waters of the dead volcano turned lagoon. Take a look.....

The view from the hotel spa down into the valley

Looking down across someone's farm from our hotel room.

Another view, this time from the hotel pool area. See how grey the sky is? That's smoke the volcano park at Arenal, it's still an active volcano.

After an arduous 45 minute climb, much of up straight up, you arrive at the lava field from the last eruption, as far up the volcano as they will allow you to get..

And best of all, a delicious drink at a local restaurant made of mashed bananas, Bailey's Irish Cream and rum. All the restaurants we ate at were open air like this, a raised roof held up by poles. Once a gang of monkeys came into the restaurant and started fiddling with everything, people's cameras, cell phones, delicious adult beverages, you name it.

The very unfun bit of the trip? Having a friend from my old church message me that all the haters were watching my vacation photos going up on my Facebook wall and talking about what a sinful spendthrift heathen I'd turned into.

When I encounter those types of folks there's always a part of me that really just wants to mess with them in a bad way. My good and bad sides start fighting, just like they did in 'Animal House' for Larry Kroger. Warning: Clip below contains bare boobs and lots of colorful vulgarities so if you're easily offended do not watch.

I'm just like this when confronted with the choice of tormenting idiots that are wishing bad things upon me, or being the nice girl, the good girl and doing the right thing. Usually I'm a sap like Larry here and I don't squeeze anyone's gazongas or take advantage of them.

Costa Rica was one of the few times when I went with the mischievous evil inside. The next day, knowing that those folks with nothing better to do were dissecting and discussing my vacation drove me to post a photo of me at the resort's outside spa getting a massage while having a mango, rum and coconut refreshing adult beverage while talking about how awesome being naked outside at the spa was. I could almost hear the pearl necklaces being ripped apart in frustration.

That was another wonderful thing about the resort, the spa was built into the side of the mountain out of volcanic rock with the massage area outside in the sunshine on the rock terrace. Just the idea of being able to be completely naked outside while drinking rum and having a masseuse manipulating my body was a very far place from the jumper wearing face enhancing collars I once wore.

Sometimes ringing the chimes of some gossipy biddies with nothing better to do feels pretty good...

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