Sunday, March 27, 2016

Generation Gaps

Life is teaching me anew how deep the generation gaps run via various forms of entertainment and media. I just finished reading a book a friend recommended to me knowing I love history, I love classic literature and that I did an extensive reading on the Tudor dynasty a few year ago. The book was 'Forever Amber' by Kathleen Winsor.

That's a number of hours of my life I cannot get back! This book is considered  to be the first 'romance' novel written and published all the way back in the 1940s. Which makes me wonder what the hell passed for romance in those days. The main character, Amber St. Clare, spends the entire book trying to twist the arm of her first lover, Lord Bruce Carlton into marrying her. That's when she wasn't trying to gain social position and/or money by either boffing any man that might help her, and marrying more than a few of them along the way. She also kills one of her husbands after sleeping with his adult son because she's having fits of boredom living out in the sticks away from her changes to seduce King Charles II.

There's no romance. No sensuality or sex. Amber also has a pile of abortions and a handful of children as a consequence of using her magic vagina to further her fortunes. Nothing redeemable about her in this book.

The book also was not helped by the many typos in the Kindle version and the rambling repetitive storyline should have been reigned in by a decent content editor.

But the most shocking thing about this supposedly shocking poorly-written tome is the hundreds of reviews on Amazon saying this was the best, most historical, romantic, greatest book written. I have to conclude that those positive reviews are from women who are extremely sheltered and this is the first novel they've read or some extremely old little old ladies from a time when showing your ankle would be a sinful thing.

The only generation gap incident that happened this week was when I posted a clip of 'Mr Show's' parody of 'Jesus Christ Super Star' on a much younger friend's Facebook wall he thought it was stupid and a waste of time. It took me awhile but eventually I figured out he'd never seen the movie the clip was parodying. Yeah, it would suck and make no sense at all if you didn't see the movie. Plus it's not a movie he would have seen in his mostly fundamentalist Christian life either.

Guessing perspective and context change your view of things more than I initially realized.

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